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Article by Keith Robinson
Posted February 1 2013 in Zinedoms Vol 1

In The Kyngdoms: The World of Arrasia you will discover such a wealth of information and detail that it might at first feel overwhelming. Here is a quick guide with some tips of where to start and what to look for.

For those of you just beginning your journey here at The Kyngdoms: The World of Arrasia, you might well be scratching your head, wondering what it’s all about and where to begin. Have no fear, a great place to get started and take your first steps is with our overview. It sets out everything you need to know to get you started – the world of Arrasia, the role of the gods (called Aslah), an overview of Herophet and Damarkan, plus a quick look at the major themes affecting the world and some of the major players. In short, it will give a real feel for the world and for what is going in it.

The world map is a full color map exploring the entire world of Arrasia. There you will find all the major geographical features, plus where the nations are found and the main settlements. The map is interactive, so clicking any part of it will bring up a new detailed segment. Combined with the overview, you should have a solid understand of what The Kyngdoms is all about.

Where you go from there depends on what part of the setting has piqued your interest the most.

To explore the nations of Arrasia, there is an interactive map showing not only where each nation is located on the map, but also a link to a page where that nation is fully fleshed out, including details about population and history, as well as a general look at the nation itself. Some also include details of people and organizations.

To get a greater understanding of religion, try the religion overview, or check out details for each and every Aslah, which includes details of who they are, plus the type of people that follow them. You can even explore the cosmology and the homes of the gods themselves.

Underpinning The Kyngdoms is the history of the world, the cosmos and everyone and everything in it. These 50 tales take you on an adventure of the mind and if you really want to understand how the world come to be as it is, this is definitely somewhere you should explore – maybe print them out or use them on your tablet and read them as you would a magazine or book.

There are many areas not covered in this guide, and the world will be constantly expanded in the future so outside the scope of this article, but hopefully this should be enough to get you started and help on your journey.

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