Keith Robinson - author, editor, layout, design, cartographer, web design, webmaster, administrator
Julian Reed - for feedback, balance and guidance
Paul Millington - for help editing the history
Louise Robinson - for editing, advice, and guidance
William A. Kooiker - for feedback, adivce, and encouragement

Ivan Tao - commissioned art: provided the header and footer art for the website
Gillian Pearce - commissioned art: provided the majority of the art for the website
Danilo Moretti - commissioned art: provided some of b&w art displayed on the site
Anne Stokes - commissioned art: provided some of the color art on the sit
Maciej Zagorski - for stock art supplied The Forge Studios
Pawel Dobosz - for stock art supplied by The Forge Studios
Sylwia Siwiec - for stock art supplied by The Forge Studios
Ash Jackson - stock art by this artist was supplied through Image Portfolio © Louis Porter, jr. Design.
V Shane - some artwork supplied by V Shane's Publisher Edition stock art packs

With additional thanks to:
William Atwood, Anthony Boobier, Rob Brownsword, John Buston, Jim Carpenter, Duncan Johnson, Alan Marshall, Dave Newnham, Marc Taylor, Darrell Ottery, Martin Provoost, JJ Segarty, Jon Stobbs, Dave Smith, Adrian Winston.

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