Longstaff Towers

At the heart of the Longstaff Wizards are the towers they inhabit. Sturdy stone structures, typically of four floors, wherever a High Longstaff is located, there is always also a tower. It is not only a place where books and powerful magic are housed, experiments undertaken and members live, but also a potent symbol of the power and prestige of the organization. Towers and the contents stored within are always well defended with powerful magic wards, guards and constructs, especially golems.

At the metaphorical heart of every tower is the vault where powerful magic items are stored and treasured. Much of this is in the forms of scrolls, potions and wondrous items, which will be sold through their magic shops to help fund their research. However, many also contain rare and powerful items, which are locked away and never sold and which, indeed, may remain untouched (though never forgotten) for many decades. These vaults are always the most heavily defended places within a tower, often having a permanent golem or other construct, as well powerful magic wards.

The towers are also well known for housing great libraries. Tomes and scrolls scattered through these libraries number in the thousands and are filled with information on just about every possible subject. Of course, finding the particular tower where a particular volume, tome, script or scroll is located is often an exercise in research in itself, and even then the task of sifting through the enormous volume of material must still be undertaken.

Members will travel far and wide to different towers to locate even the smallest snippet of information to further their research and can spend a large part of their time at various locations as they go about their business. For Longstaff Wizards, however, this is perfectly normal, as they focus only upon the job at hand.

Every tower also houses an alchemist lab of the finest quality, filled with all the ingredients, receptacles, chemicals and concoctions that any self-respecting alchemist would ever need or desire. As well as creating mundane alchemical goods, which are often sold through their own Longstaff Magic Shops, these labs are also crucial to the research and development of new and existing spells and magic items and are where the more dangerous aspects of their work are carried out. These labs are nearly always housed on the top floor of the tower, for safety reasons.

The vast majority of towers also accommodate chambers for the creation of constructs. They are particularly well known for building golems and often take on contracts from local authorities to build golems to help defend the local community.

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