Angor is a nation that has made the best out of what little they have. Skilled leather workers, Angor's leather goods, leather armor and clothes are sought after throughout Arrasia. Like all the northern nations, these exports work their way through Norvsond before being shipped onwards.

Mazan has grown into one of the most significant cities of the northern hemisphere. As well as where trade goods are loaded onto and off of the trading vessels, it also acts as an important stopping off point for those vessels making their way to the Argen Sea or The Sea of Ord.

The humans, elves and gnomes of Angor lead separate lives, though co-exist on friendly terms, with Mazan a cosmopolitan mix of all kinds of races and cultures. The Frozen Marshes are home to all sorts of creatures that are happy to wander far from their homelands to harass the inhabitants of Angor. Humanoids are common visitors from both Elminn and those that head south from Hardale.

Significant Trade Export

Furs & Pelts: Large numbers of furs and pelts are exported from Angor. However, the market is highly competitive and only the finest quality commands a high price.

Leather Goods: Leather is worked throughout Arrasia, but nowhere is it worked as finely as it is in Angor. As well as working the leather with delicate and intricate patterns, the Angor leather workers are also skilled at dying and embroidering the leather. All sorts of leather goods are exported, including clothes, shoes, bags and pouches. Angor leather armor is regarded as being the finest quality to be found anywhere in Arrasia.

Brief History

Angor seceded from Elminn after the first civil war that saw Prince Thorrem and Prince Klaust locked in a bloody and damaging war for the throne of Elminn. With Prince Thorrem declaring himself king, Prince Klaust declared himself king of all Angor - a powerful and influential region of Elminn - and seceded.

A bloody war ensued between the two nations as Elminn sought to unify its nation once more. However, finding themselves under attack on several fronts, Elminn was eventually forced to sue for peace, which was accepted by Angor, who saw their borders secured and their national independence accepted by their greatest rival. Later, after the signing of The Treaty of the North, Norvsond would also be forced to recognize Angor as a nation state.

The peace saw wealth begin to enter into Angor and slowly the humanoid presence was largely cleared, though the Frozen Marshes remained home to all kinds of unfriendly creatures. A short civil war between two challengers for the throne, Duke Jeremik and Prince Borond, after the untimely death of King Herik, threatened to split the nation into two, but was avoided with a devastating victory for Duke Jeremik in the Battle of Gorgon's Point, which saw Prince Borond slain and his army routed.

With peace again secured and Duke Jeremik proclaimed King, Angor has continued to flourish with the little it has at its disposal, with the quality of their leather goods sought after all over Arrasia.

The Major Towns and Cities

Mazan: (pop: 27,500) The only major urban center in Angor, Mazan is essential to the well being of the nation, acting as the gateway to Arrasia and the portal through which the goods into and out of Angor flow. It is a significant port, which acts as the hub of the city, and is more built up with significant buildings set closely together, whereas away from the port area the houses tend to be more spread out. The buildings themselves tend to be longhouses made from wood (or stone, for the richer members of the community), with thatched roofs. There are very few two-story buildings in Mazan and they are usually municipal buildings - even the richest and most powerful members of the community almost always live in single story buildings.

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