The small nation of Ciradel is nestled amongst The Great Northern Hills and isolated from much of the rest of the world. It is home to a large number of halflings - the largest number anywhere in Arrasia - and has good relations with the dwarves and gnomes that can be found in the hills, as well as the people of The Northern Territories, with whom it has found a reliable trading partner. Small communities can be found dotted around the land, where the halflings tend their farms and live, on the whole, peaceful lives.

Being isolated from much of the rest of Arrasia, Ciradel is considered backward even for a halfling nation. Until the coming of Tharg and the emergence of what was then called The Kingdoms of Tharg, but which is now known as The Northern Territories, they had little contact with humans and their experience of the outside world was almost entirely through the dwarves and gnomes of The Great Northern Hills, with whom they have had good relations for as long as they can remember. The land is almost entirely dominated by it's halfling population, who make up over 85% of the population, though some gnomes can be found living alongside them.

Significant Trade Export

Grain and Foodstuffs: Being an almost entirely agricultural nation, the halflings of Ciradel have found a ready market in The Northern Territories, who often ship the food on further afield to The Savage Coast and The Badlands.

Brief History

Although Ciradel can trace itself back for hundreds of years, it has very little in the way of history, for little of note has taken place. There have been no civil wars or political upheavals and their general isolation has kept the affairs of the rest of the world at bay. The halflings are content with their simple lives and few ever feel the desire to leave their homelands or seek adventure further afield. What they can't do for themselves, they trade for or go without.

Although Ciradel is regarded as a single national identity, the small communities are mostly autonomous. A local mayor is elected to rule over the people and although each mayor votes for a president, the president has very little political control, being more of a figurehead. It is a loose political structure that has worked well for them and although the president has on occasions called for assistance - most notably during the Ogre invasion against Haighfain, when assistance was called for in the form of armed halflings - there is generally very little for a president to do, as nearly all issues are sorted out at a local level.

The Major Towns and Cities

Haighfain: (pop: 2,000) By far and away the largest concentration of halflings in Ciradel, Haighfain is the unofficial capital of Ciradel. The roads are mostly mud tracks and the small houses nestled amongst the hills. It is a sleepy and quiet place, where very little of note occurs.

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