The eastern-most province of Karnish, Gorind ranks as the most dangerous place to live within the kingdom, with the exception of Badathur, where the war with Zykerathox rages. Bordering the tail end of The Malvus Peaks, to the east of which stand the wild lands of Yarasal J'naria, and with the Anhorn Peaks to the south, humanoid activity within Gorind is high and the barbarian tribes roam freely across the land.

Historically, Gorind has acted as a to defend the eastern end of the Karnish empire and shore up the regular flow of attacks that occur there. At it's peak, thousands of troops were stantioned here and the region was relatively stable and well policed. With the decline in the number of troops, however, as they have been called away to the war in the west, the lands are no long well defended and both humanoids and barbarians pass freely through the land, raiding communitites as their whim takes them. As such, Gorind has become a dangerous place to live for those that have made the province their home, with the people mostly left to fend for themselves. With the Pass of Merin the easiest route through The Malvus Peaks to the wild lands beyond, it is here that Karnish still have their greatest presence, with defenses to try and hold back the hordes and conflict here is frequent and bloody, with all too often wildmen and barbian tribes able to make their way through the pass.

Policing the rest of Gorind has become less of a priority as resources have declined, and despite the large numbers of raids against the human settlements there is little that can be done to help defend the settlements. Even Drayd, the administrative center of Gorind, finds itself under constant attack, though the city's defenses remain strong. Drayd is the empire's most eastern city and also marks the end of The East Karnish Road. The maintenance and accessibility, once seen as paramount to the security of the region, is almost non existant and no one is safe. Only those that travel in large numbers and are well defended now make the journey along it.

Humanoid camps and settlements in Gorind are common sights and spring up as quickly and easily as they disappear. Local communities often band together to chase off the humanoids and destroy their encampments, but no sooner have they driven one off than another appears. Barbarian tribes are also common here, often sweeping through on horses or on foot, pillaging everything that stands before them. Many pass through Gorind deep into the other provinces, occasionally as far west as Sorendale. The wild tribesmen are ferocious warriors and completely unpredicatable. They are just as likely to fight humanoids and other barbarian tribes, even amongst themselves, as they are the communities whose lands they pass through.

Despite everything - the harsh environment, the decline of the defenses and the growth of humanoids and barbarians, the land is still dotted with small farming communities and the rugged coastline home to many small fishing villages. The people of Gorind are hardy folk and usually well drilled when it comes to defending their communities. But death here is all too common and life all too short.

Significant Trade Export

Iron Ore: Large quantities of iron ore are mined in Gorind, where it is commonly available. Much of the ore finds its way to Nend, where the dwarves turn it into steel weapons and armor. However, large quantities are also shipped west.

Copper Ore: Abundant in Gorind, the copper ore mined here is usually shipped to Nend, where the copper is extracted.

Tin: Mining in Gorind is always dangerous, with the possibility of attack high. However, tin is mined throughout Gorind and shipped to the further reaches of Karnish via Nend.

Precious Stones: The rocky environment of Gorind produces a constant supply of precious stones, including citrine, chrysoberyl, peridot and quartz. These are usually alluvial deposits around which small communities grow.

Brief History

After Borodor had been annexed into Karnish and its lands divided into the three provinces as decreed by King Thorin II of Borodor before his death, it was decided that in order to stem the flow of the barbarian hordes from the east, this small region would be occupied and that it would be here that flow of barbarians and humanoids into the eastern provinces of Karnish would be stemmed.

By and large, this prove successul. The Pass of Merin was secured with the building of Hanthorp Keep, keeping at bay the barbarian tribes as they head west on their annual migrations, though some instead took the much more arduous route directly over The Malvus Peaks. The erruption of war in the western provinces, however, had a dramatic impact of this small region, which in turn has had a dramtic impact on all the provinces of eastern Karnish. With the vast majority of the troops stationed here called away to war with Zykerathox, the depleted defenses have not been able to contain the humanoids and barbarians who now pass almost freely through this land and no longer does Gorind keep the eastern provinces free from their incursions.

The land is rocky and often remote and wild, but it is also fertile so has been slowly occupied, despite the daily attacks against the settlers, with many communities wiped out before they have even had a chance to establish themselves. However, many come here to secure for themselves land and future prospects and while there are people, so they will settle here whatever the dangers.

The Major Towns and Cities

Drayd: (pop: 8,500) The eastern-most city of Karnish, Drayd is still well defended, despite the delpletion of troops stationed here. The city has a wild frontier feel to it, with troops either on their way to, or from, Hanthorp Keep filling the inns and taverns. Brothels are almost as common as the bar fights and the muddy streets are often strewn with the unconscious as they sleep off their drunken revelry. Robbery is also common and many criminal gangs thrive here. Military personal can be seen all over the tight city streets, whether on or off duty, and tensions are often high between the different regiments. It is also acts as the administrative center of Gorind and its markets the focal point for mercantile activity within the province.

Important Personages

Aarus Eremmen: Having served successfully in Amman-dur, as well as a brief stint in Badathur on the border with The Fallen Lands, Aarus was given the post of Royal Overlord of Gorind, with his nous and military experience considered of vital importance in such a strategically important province, especially at a time of reduced resources. Calm and deliberate, he commands high respect from his peers and the soldiers who serve him. He is also considered a man of exceptional 'luck'.

Clarna Eremmen: Wife to the Royal Overlord of Gorind, Clarna is exceptionally beautiful. While she finds life in Gorind tough, she is pleased to be out of the Ammandur province and back in Karnish and sees this very much as a stepping stone to greater things and even perhaps an eventual return to Karnish itself. She loves to flirt and enjoys the attention that her beauty brings, much to the annoyance of her husband, Aarus. There is even the rumor of the occasional indiscretion.

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