Karnish Nobility

Noble Knight The noble houses of Karnish play a vital role in maintaining order, collecting taxes and supplying the army with troops and equipment. Many of the noble families can trace their lineage back to the war with Amman and can claim their ancestry to be on the field of battle at Am-Gazim and even on Glory Day. Many of the houses are well known throughout Karnish, with the greatest houses being those of de Klare, Farond, Urdoon, Ganby, Trelawny, Mayclift, Orstenbrook and Felgrim. There are many more - too many to mention here - and these families control the provinces of Karnish. The most powerful of the houses often control several provinces and it is the power and prestige of these provinces which adds to the influence, prestige and status of the houses. As can be imagined, there is much politicking and intrigue between the houses: allies, enemies, plots and counter-plots. Occasionally, outright open hostility can occur, even murder.

As well as controlling the provinces under their command, the nobility play a massive role in the politics of Karnish. Although the monarch makes the final decision on any matter, the 20 heads of the most powerful families make up the House of Karnish, whose job it is to impose the will of the ruling monarch, as well as introduce new laws, arbitrate, and make appointments to important positions within the Empire. Political wrangling, thick plots and intrigue are an everyday event between the nobility. As well as those already appointed to the House, there are also those looking to enhance their own reputations and, of course, those of their House with them. While some alliances between families have lasted the test of time, the vast majority are based on expediency and political treachery is common. Nonetheless, the political structure has served Karnish well, which has remained largely stable throughout its history.

It is the job of the Provors - those in charge of the provinces, usually the head of the House, but sometimes another family member for those houses who control more than one province - to supply the Crown with a trained force of soldiers which, together, form the backbone of the Karnish army. As well as the mass ranks, made up of ordinary people who sign up to become professional soldiers, the noble houses take great pride in sending powerful knights, fully decked out in the provincial colors. These knights are formed by the local nobles and are always led by the ruling house of that province. There is much competition between the different houses to produce the most courageous knights, something entirely encouraged by the monarch. Jousts are also common and extremely popular events throughout Karnish and several major competitions are highly anticipated each year.

For a more detailed picture of provincial rule, see Provincial Rule, Provors and Municipal Government.

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