Dominated by the Anhorn Peaks, the east Karnish province of Ormex is high in humanoid and barbarian activity. Where once large number of Karnish troops were stationed here to police the province, as well as help support the elves of Yander Hothinbelim from Uradun attacks, this is no longer the case and those forces that remain are at full stretch. Barbarians have become a particular problem, crossing over The malvus peaks and making the long journey right into the hear of Ormex, raiding across much of the south. While the capital, Nend, and the lands around it are generally safe from barbarian attacks, they are under constant threat from the humanoids who dwell in the Anhorn peaks and whose numbers - and confidence - is growing. Attacks against Nend itself are not unheard of. However, the majority of the raids are concentrated on the surrounding lands of Nend, which are fertile and dotted with small farming communities, which are less defended and easy targets.

Like all the other eastern provinces of Karnish, the large numbers of troops that once protected this region are gone, now stationed in the west and the war there against Zykerathox, leaving Ormex exposed and undefended. The elves of Yander Hothinbelim, for so long allies whose help could be called upon, now have their own problems and the elves are seldom seen outside their communes any more. The menace of the forest has grown in recent years and humanoids and barbarians pass through it much more freely that in days gone. Concern is growing in Ormex of the threat of Uradun far to the south. It is not unknown for them to raid across The Malvus Peaks and a full scale invasion is not something taken lightly, especially at a time when the security of the nation is not what it once was.

The port of Nend is the only significantly populated settlement in Ormex and that which does not travel to or from Ormex via The East Karnish Road, does so via the docks of Nend. The city also supports the border province of Gorind, with supplies either being sent along the road or directly from Nend to Drayd across Borothon Bay, the preferred option as it is much safer. Troops will often be stationed here before being moved to Gorind, where they will take up their role in defending the eastern border of Karnish from the barbarian hordes of Yarasal J'naria, though in recent years the direction of the troops has tended to be more away from Gorind than to it, as the troops stationed there have been called west to defend the borders from the forces of Zykerathox.

Significant Trade Export

Copper Ore: The west of Ormex is rich in copper ore deposits that are mined extensively. Many communities in the west have sprung up around the copper industry, despite the dangers of living so close to the Anhorn Peaks. The ore usually winds up in the forges of Nend, but is also exported to Karnish itself.

Iron Ore: Ormex is abundant in iron ore and mining communities are common. Much of the ore ends up in Nend, where it is forged by the dwarven smithies into weapons are armor, as well as being shipped west in large quantities.

Precious Stones: Agate, bloodstone, citrine, chrysoprase, jasper, onyx and quartz are all found in Ormex, most usually as alluvial deposits which are mined by the communities that have sprung up around them.

Silver: Large quantities of silver are mined from the west of Ormex and the Anhorn Peaks. Mining this precious resource is exceptionally hazardous, but silver mining communities are nonetheless common. Most of the silver winds up in Karnish, where it is used for coinage.

Brief History

See Borodor for a brief history of Ormex.

The Major Towns and Cities

Nend: (pop: 18,500) Once the capital of Borodor, Nend is a busy metropolis with tall wooden houses casting their shadow over the tight web of streets and alleys that make up the city. A defensive stonewall surrounds the city and an impressive castle, forming a part of the structure of the wall, overlooks it. Nend is always bustling and filled with Karnish troops either heading to, or more commonly in recent years, away from Gorind and the ports are usually busy in much the same manner, with supplies and troops crossing both ways across Borothon Bay. Nend ranks as amongst the most dangerous of cities within Karnish, with crime and corruption high and the threat from humanoid attack high. Nend is also home to a large dwarven population who work the vast array of forges whose fires send plumes of smoke over the city.

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