A small southern province of Karnish, Sorendale has a large dwarven population who mine precious metals - copper, silver and gold - that are readily available in The Malvus Peaks and Kraggen Hills. Highdale is the only urban center in Sorendale of any note, with small agricultural communities dotted across the plains.

Depsite its relatively small size, Highdale is still a busy and bustling place, with much of the business of Sorendale occurring within its walls. Farmers and trades people from all around come to Highdale to sell their goods, either at the weekly market or to merchants, who will sell their wares on further afield. Located at the base of The Malvus Peaks, Highdale suffers from the humanoids that dwell there, though this is more of an occasional irritation that any real threat, with the dwarven citadel of Ki-Dyer acting as an important barrier against the worst elements that dwell there, making Sorendale amongst the safest places to live.

Copper, gold and silver are abundant in Sorendale. Primarily these are mined by the dwarves who have dug deep into the earth to find the precious seams, but are also readily available as alluvial deposits, around which many small communities have sprung up.

Within Sorendale remains a strong, underground movement that supports the expulsion of Karnish from their lands and a return to the days when they stood as a free and independent nation. The most notorious of the anti-Karnish organizations is the League Against Karnish, which actively struggles against Karnish control. It is rumored by some that it is those loyal to the League Against Karnish who are behind the attacks against Karnish interests within the province, though many believe this not to be the case and that the League is no more than a political movement, free from violence.

Significant Trade Export

Copper, Gold, Silver: Copper, gold and silver are abundant in and around The Malvus Peaks and the Kraggen Hills, both mined and alluvial. The vast majority of those communities that are located near seams or deposits are almost entirely dependent on the resource for their economic survival.

Precious Stones: Iolite, opal and quartz are all found in Sorendale. Iolite in particular is found along the banks of the Hakkan River and many communities there are entirely dependent upon it.

Brief History

Highdale - originally known as Osdil - emerged during the Amman conquest of the region, acting as an important staging post for the Amman army in their attempts to subdue the dwarves of The Malvus Peaks, as well as an important administrative center for the region as a whole.

Osdil was amongst the earliest of those that rebelled against their oppressors. Their original attempts were entirely unsuccessfully and dealt with mercilessly. However, the growing tide against the Amman empire, with their northern armies in disarray and their navy smashed, saw the rebellion grow in stature and ability and as news of the successes of Fandor and Mynax filtered through, so the people of Osdil threw off their shackles and expelled their tormentors.

With the Amman forces in disarray and in retreat, Osdil was renamed Highdale and the people of the region set up their defenses to protect the lands sandwiched between The Malvus Peaks, the Kraggen Downs and the Hakkan River, emerging as the nation of Sorendale. Several large pitched battles with Amman forces, who were forced to retreat east away from Fandor's rampaging armies, saw Sorendale's discipline and nerve hold out against the panicky and, by then, ill disciplined Amman troops.

With the dwarves helping to secure the Sorendale borders and with Yarath caught up in a civil war, Sorendale soon emerged as a stable and well-defended kingdom. Under the reign of King Haman I, Sorendale prospered. The natural resources of the region were soon being exploited and traded with their neighbors, bringing vast wealth into the country.

A brief war with Yarath, who were desperate for the wealth of Sorendale, threatened the equilibrium, but once again, with the help of their dwarven allies, the Yarath forces were repelled and Sorendale emerged victorious and with its reputation enhanced. Yarath was to make a second attempt at invasion several years later, but only to find the same resilient defense and to suffer defeat once again.

The peace was finally shattered in Sorendale when King Deymus I of Karnish overwhelmed the Sorendale forces and occupied the region, declaring it as a province of Karnish. The invasion was in response to Sorendale's relationship with Lord Tharg, where he had been born and educated and where he had rallied the people of southern Karnish into a frenzy, which had erupted into civil war. In an act of vengeance against the region, King Deymus I, having seen his great foe evade the might of his forces, annexed Sorendale.

Although Sorendale fell quickly and easily, the struggle against Karnish continued throughout the reign of King Deymus I. After his death and the relaxation of the laws, the rebellion slowly died away, although several organizations opposed to the occupation emerged and have continued their struggle even to this day.

Due to their rather isolated geographical location and the natural defenses supplied by the mountains and hills that protect them, Sorendale has avoided the worst of the wars with Hith and Zykerathox and even the barbarian hordes rarely venture as far as their borders, with the main threats faced coming from the humanoids that lurk in the very mounatins that offer them so much protection. This seclusion, coupled with the great wealth found in their land, has made Sorendale as important Karnish province, whose wealth has made a dramatic impact on the Karnish forces and their wars.

The Major Towns and Cities

Highdale: (pop: 6,500) A busy and bustling city, despite it's small size, Highdale is the center of activity in the province of Sorendale and through it passes the produce of that area. The export of gold and silver, in particular, has made Highdale a prosperous city, home to many of Sorendale's most wealthy and powerful citizens. Situated at the base of The Malvus Peaks, the city is made from the rock of the mountain and largely carved by the dwarves, of which there is a large population. Stone houses and streets, however, are interspersed with pleasant green parks, and trees and flowers line the streets, creating beautiful boulevards. Acting as a second tier, which overlooks the rest of the city, a stone castle, the foundations of which are carved into the rock itself, acts as both the home to the Royal Overlord of Sorendale and the central administration and military headquarters of the city. What seems to be a seamless stone wall runs the entire perimeter of the city.


The League Against Karnish
Originally set up to continue the struggle against the occupation of Sorendale by Karnish, the League Against Karnish has grown into a sophisticated organization with cells spread throughout the occupied territories of the Karnish provinces. Haters of Karnish, the League has vowed themselves against what they see as tyranny. While their front is a peaceful one, there are many who believe that the organization is secretly involved in far more direct activities against Karnish and that their resources are far greater than what is commonly thought to be the case.

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