Conflict within Uradun is constant, with race set against race and tribe set against tribe. What control there is comes from the self-appointed Chief of Uradun, whose influence is entirely dependent upon the strength of their clan and their ability to manipulate, cajole and intimidate their opponents. The large human element of Uradun are primarily located in and around the main cities, Nannanach and Garatheck, though these are also home to large number of humanoids who prefer the urban way of life.

Surrounded to the north and west by The Malvus Peaks and to the south and east by the Gava Hills, Uradun is provided with natural geographic barriers that are hard to penetrate. Hostile to almost anyone they encounter, raids against the dwarven and gnomish realms of the Gava Hills and The Malvus Peaks and the halfling enclave of Nendor are common, as are raiding parties sent north against the elves of Yander Hothinbelim and the southern Karnish states. Occasionally, when a particularly powerful Chief of Uradun emerges, large armies are raised which march against their enemies with devastating effect.

Largely, the tribal chiefs are allowed to get on and rule their own, with interference the main cause of conflict between the Chief of Uradun and the tribes that make up that country. Each tribe within Uradun must pay a monthly tax to the Chief, though such payments are resented and payment is generally forced through conflict. The most powerful tribal chiefs are constantly vying for the ultimate power in the land and battles between tribes are common.

Although the Amman culture remains strong within Uradun and they look toward Amman favorably, there is little real contact between the nations, with Uradun landlocked and the distance inhibitive. No trade comes out of Uradun, preferring instead to pillage and take what they want. Of course, as well as raiding their enemies, the various tribes constantly vie amingst themselves. Uradun is also one of the few places where humans pray to Hith and Ragmannon and where humans speak Orc almost as much as Aish. However, the rise of Zykerathox has seen some orc and goblin tribe embrace him and this has seen a rise in tensions with those loyal to Hith. Some see it as only a matter of time before civil war divided on religious grounds tears the country apart.

In recent years, the tribal lords of Uradun have become emboldened and extended their operations against the elves of Yander Hothinbelim and Karnish, where troop numbers are significantly less due to their war against Zykerathox. There are some rumours that the servants of Hith are looking to make an informal alliance with Uradun, which could have serious consequences to the region, but as yet, these rumours remain just that.

Brief History

Uradun was born out of the general retreat of the Amman forces after the rise of Karnish and the defeat of their armies the south. While many traveled north, to return to their homeland, those occupying the southern most reaches of the empire found themselves cut off and with little hope of returning home.

Surrounded by enemies, what remained of the southern forces rallied and began a great fighting retreat. The fighting was amongst the fiercest of the war, the Amman forces fighting for their lives and pinned in on all sides. With nowhere else to go, they cut straight through Yander Hothinbelim and the elves that awaited them there. Despite massive losses, the remnants of the retreating Amman found their way to the southern reaches of The Malvus Peaks and from there crossed to the relative safety of the southern slopes of the mountains.

The journey across The Malvus Peaks saw two major clashes with the dwarven realms situated there. However, in a series of battles that saw the military genius of the Amman generals at their best, the forces swept aside their foes. On the further side of the mountains, they soon came under attack from the large numbers of humanoid tribes that occupied that area. However, having secured themselves in the mountain city of Garatheck, the military general Morhan Ral moved what remained of his troops against the main humanoid tribes, defeating each of them.

With news that the dwarves of Girden were mustering against them, Morhan set about putting together an alliance of his defeated humanoid enemies and any others that would join and with a force numbering in the tens of thousands, moved against Girden. After several pitched battles and a long siege, Girden was sacked and occupied and renamed Nannanach, the new capital of the nation Uradun, of which Morhan declared himself the first Chief.

Although some political and governmental structures were put in place, these soon broke down under the weight of the chaos of the humanoid tribes and soon Morhan was forced into a political structure that best suited the chaotic nature of the lands he had now declared his own. With divide and rule the common theme, patronage, bribery and conflict were used to hold together the humanoid tribes.

With Karnish at that time still embroiled in their war with Amman, those that had successfully settled in Uradun found their war over. However, conflict with the dwarves, gnomes and halflings that surrounded Uradun has continued to this day, with Uradun raids against their foes common.

The loose, chaotic political structure of Uradun remains in place, with the most dominant tribal chiefs vying for power within the country. The power of the Chief of Uradun and the influence they wield is entirely dependent upon the strength of their tribe and their own personal skills to manipulate and intimidate. While some Chiefs of Uradun have been powerful and well supported, others have been less successful and their reign usually short.

Despite the inherent weaknesses of Uradun, they have nonetheless twice mustered their full might and crossed The Malvus Peaks. On both occasions, their forces moved swiftly into Yarath and, during the first war, only a large alliance of opposing Yarath forces, who were until then embroiled in their own civil war, saw Uradun defeated. In the second war, General Tharg led his army against the marauding Uradun forces and defeated them. On both occasions, however, the forces were riven with internal bickering and fighting, which seriously undermined their effort.

Throughout their short history, however, Uradun has continued its conflict with the elves of Yander Hothinbelim and raiding parties are constantly sent across The Malvus Peaks to harass and pillage. On a number of occasions, large armies have emerged on the edge of the forest to challenge the might of the wood elves who dwell there and the conflicts have been both vicious and bloody. However, these are usually short-lived affairs, ending in internal squabbling and violence.

The Major Towns and Cities

Nannanach: (pop: 14,500) Once a dwarven citadel named Girden, the halls and chambers are now infested with orcs, goblins and the evil descendants of the ancient people of Amman. Nannanach, as it has since been called, is home to the Chief of Uradun, who sits deep under the bowels of Arrasia in what was once a fine dwarven hall. The halls, chambers and corridors of Nannanach are dug deep into the side of the mountain and still display the majesty of their dwarven architecture. However, many places of this maze are in a bad state of disrepair, with some areas having either collapsed or being on the verge of doing so. The people of Nannanach have added some of their own extensions, but these are crude and rough affairs and easily distinguished from the fine dwarven workmanship. Altogether, Nannanach is a foul place, filled with foul things.

Garatheck: (pop: 9,500) Built by the men of Amman after their retreat across The Malvus Peaks, Garatheck is the major human stronghold in Uradun, though it is also home to a large number of orcs and goblins. Situated in a grassy valley, surrounded on all sides by the sheer, jagged slopes of the Ammanesse Mountains - a small range east of The Malvus Peaks - it is exceptionally well defended, with only rocky passes giving access to the city. The buildings are generally constructed from stone and well made, with two Towers of Hakkan dominating the skyline. The roads are generally compacted mud and cobbled and, despite the natural defenses, a large stone wall surrounds those parts of the city which are not defended by the rocky slopes of the mountain. It can be a violent place, with outbreaks between races or tribes commonplace. Bodies are often left to rot on the roadside and everywhere reeks of poverty. The wealthy and powerful live in their own quarters, separate from the rest of Garatheck, defended with a stone wall and several well built towers, over which sits Garatheck Castle.

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