Chapter 22: The Rise of the Early Kyngdoms and Sárat

Out of the War of Chaos came great leaders of men, both good and evil, and they helped defend the settlements of men, which were fortified against their enemies and offered some protection for those that dwelt there. Settlements grew and consumed the land around them and made war on their neighbors for slaves and land and glory and spite and the nations of men were born out of the fires of war.

To the north, Norvsond grew and prospered and they were renown for their skill upon the sea and for their aggression and adventurous spirit and the race of the Norvs had soon dispersed across the coastal regions of the north and many new settlements emerged, which in their turn also became nations and did compete with Norvsond, being of the same stock. Elminn, Nÿgamär and Hjothdal were amongst the most powerful of the rivals to Norvsond.

The south remained largely nomadic, with great tribes wandering the fertile plains as their forefathers had done before them. Great settlements emerged on the coasts - Korom, Hendby, Iriyath, Urtmon and Ferrak - and trade was as common as war between them.

But it was the lands between the north and the south that the greatest of the nations of men emerged. Great cities consumed the lands around them and soon controlled neighboring settlements and lands and emerged as powerful nations in their own right. Thus did Sárat emerge and consume vast tracks of land until they were the greatest of the early nations, with an army unrivalled anywhere in Arrasia, which was used to consume and control. Mandapor, Syrámä, Keralasia, Hendbæ and Merranin all fell under Sáration control and Sárat stood at the heart of Arrasia as its most powerful kingdom.

To the west of Sárat emerged at this time the Yad-Yamman, a tough race of humans who lived as small clans, hunting and farming to survive. The Yad-Yamman were comprised of hundreds of clans, but eight powerful tribes did stand out and dominate: Yad-Yarad, Yad-Mon, Yad-Atharat, Yad-Jamôn, Yad-Kozluc, Yad-dur, Yad-Uthet, Yad-maná. These vied for dominance over the lesser clans and over each other and conflict was common and bloody.

As settlements grew and agricultural techniques improved, the tribes of the Yad-Yamman became self-contained regions with loose political alliances, with the dominant tribes having regional influence over those weaker regions around them. Some weaker tribes were immediately consumed, but the vast majority remained semi-autonomous. Sárat would soon turn their attention to this emerging race of people and the conflict between them would help shape the course of events in world history.

The Kyngdoms

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