Chapter 25: The First Infernal Strife

And to Mulhata did Condos bring Hayn and Yerat, the offspring of Adria and Hakkan, to Olmus, but also Huthain, though she told Olmus not of this. And so she hid Huthain deep in Mulhata and went to him and tended him, for her heart was greatly moved. Yet this fact could not long be hidden from Olmus and she fell into a rage and went to Huthain and there killed him, so that Condos would visit him no more. So Condos fell into despair and in her anger she did strike Olmus and there was a bitter feud between them and Olmus desired to kill her daughter.

So Condos left Mulhata and came to Herophet, where she told Hakkan of Hayn and Yerat, for he knew of them not, and he took her into Herophet, where she stayed and there were her daughters born, Concei-Japur and Concei-Pharos, whose father was the slain Huthain. And it came to the ears of Olmus that Condos was with Hakkan and she was enraged and went to him and demanded that he return her, but he denied her and her rage was greater still and she returned to Mulhata and gathered her forces around her and led them to Herophet and demanded that Condos be given her, but Hakkan denied her still and she made war against him.

Thus did the demons of Mulhata and the devils of Herophet come together in the First Infernal Strife and the armies clashed outside the gates of Herophet and the evil there was great indeed and the wickedness beyond anything that had before passed and many were slain, though no good person would shed a tear at their passing. But the powers on both sides were great and none could win, so the armies retreated and became mortal enemies and would fight on meeting and many small battles would occur and sometimes great battles, but neither side would yield and so the infernal bloodshed was continued.

And it was thus within this feud that Hayn and Yerat grew in Mulhata and became powerful and there was enmity between them, for they were rivals. So Yerat did sneak to Herophet and to Condos and there laid a plan full of deceit, where Hakkan would bring his armies to Mulhata and destroy Olmus and Hayn and that he and Condos would rule in their stead and it was agreed upon and Yerat returned to Mulhata. And when the time came, and the armies of Hakkan came to Mulhata, Yerat betrayed Olmus and the gate was opened and devils poured in and there was a great battle.

And in the great Battle of Mulhata did Olmus and Hakkan fight with each other and both were mighty powerful. And there also did Fellias spy her sister, Condos, and Yerat, who had betrayed them, and she went to them and fought them both, such was the rage that burnt within her. But Condos and Yerat were too strong and Condos cast Fellias aside and slew her. And Hakkan and Olmus were of equal measure, but the demons of Mulhata did crawl from every crack and every crevice and their numbers were great indeed and Hakkan and Condos withdrew to Herophet and Yerat went with them, for he knew Olmus would discover his betrayal, and Hayn went with them also, for he had no loyalty to Olmus, though he also had none for Hakkan.

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