Chapter 39: The Third Infernal Strife

So Olmus traveled through the shadowy worlds that filled the void and with her was Torpeyak, who had long served her, and she learnt of the secrets of the cosmos and secreted her spite and evil there. But always her thoughts turned to Mulhata and to Condos, who had betrayed her, and she had much time to dwell on it and her hate consumed her. So she came to Arrasia and there took the form of an old hag and walked the shores and preached her hatred to those that would listen and sucked the life from those that would not and she was despised and shunned wherever she went, but she cared not, for none knew her and she was glad of it.

But Arrasia was not to her liking, for it was not Mulhata, where she had poured her spite, and she looked to return there and take it back and have her revenge and she was consumed by it and there was a fire in her and a great anger that would not be quenched. So she left Arrasia and came to Xanaxa and she showed herself to Gygafrak and was meek before him and offered him great praise and she gave to him women of great beauty that she had brought with her from Arrasia, and Gygafrak was greatly flattered and he let her stay in Xanaxa with him and she was like a servant to him.

So it was that Gygafrak fathered many children with the women of Arrasia and they were foul like him and were mighty powerful indeed, though not of the Aslah. And it was Olmus who raised these succubi and poured into them her hate and spite and it was her they followed and not Gygafrak and they were powerful servants. And Olmus was a constant voice in his ear and it was like a poison which consumed him and she rekindled in him the war of old with Hakkan and of his defeat and his anger was great and she soothed him and talked of his greatness and then would talk once again of Hakkan and his anger would rise again. And so the master was led by the servant, who was indeed the master.

So Gygafrak went to Arrasia and there raised a new army and looked for revenge and the goblins came out of their holes and came to him and their numbers were great indeed and once again there was war with Amman. And in Xanaxa did Olmus gather around her the succubi, who served only her, and took them to Mulhata, to reclaim it as her own. And in Xanaxa did many come to her call, for she was their true master and they would serve her again.

And in Mulhata her hordes fell upon Condos and Concei Pharos, who were the new masters there, for not even they could suffer the malice of Hengar, who now lived in Gorodin, and Olmus declared herself to them and they saw her wrath and feared her. So they and Olmus made war and though Condos and Concei Pharos were powerful indeed, they could not match Olmus and her servants and they were defeated and in her rage she killed them and ate their flesh and was Queen of Mulhata once again.

Thus did she betray Gygafrak, who expected her to aid him and defeat Hakkan in Arrasia, but she came not and instead rebuilt Mulhata and cleansed it of the stench of her defeated enemies and filled it with her servants and Torpeyak was at her side yet, for he had served her well and long and had grown powerful. And to Hakkan came news of Olmus and her deeds and in Arrasia did a great army of goblins fall upon Amman and there was a great war there and their armies were called from all over the empire to defend the emperor and their lands were thus greatly weakened. And cities fell to Gygafrak, for he now led his army and faced his enemy and he consumed all that he touched with his malice and his appetite and greed were great indeed and he lusted for the women of Arrasia and he corrupted them and he laughed at his own malice.

And in Mulhata did Olmus gather around her the foulest and most vile of her servants and they went to Herophet and made war with Hakkan, and he came out to meet her and fought with her and there was a great battle in Herophet and it was the longest of all those that had gone before and Olmus and Hakkan poured out their hatred of each other. Hakkan called upon the skies of Herophet to open and a great fire fell from the skies and struck Olmus and did wound her and she fell and Hakkan leapt upon her and tore her flesh, until only shadow remained and she was no more and her minions fled.

And in Arrasia did Hakkan send his minions against Gygafrak and there was fought a great battle and the two colossal armies clashed in a violent struggle and Gygafrak may have won, had it not been for the servants of Hakkan, for they caused havoc to his ranks and massacred them and they fled before them and he was defeated for a second time and he did retreat and his armies were scattered and hid once again. And Gygafrak hid also, for he feared the wrath of Hakkan and had heard of the end of Olmus.

So Gygafrak crossed the seas and came into the south and hid there for a while and his servants brought to him many women and he spread his evil offspring across the lands there, who were called medusa. And to him were born a son, Fandor, and a daughter, Omuz, who were the children of Hirish, a woman of great beauty. And they were not like his other offspring, for they were fair and the others foul and they were filled with good and the others evil. And Hirish hid them and loved them and though she did not know it, they were made of the stuff of Onnus and Desdemar and they were Aslah, for out of the foul and corrupted flesh of Gygafrak, who was a descendent of the children of Onnus and Desdemar, had the their line been renewed.

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