Chapter 48: The Hith-Karnish War and of Hithanon

Knight of Karnish fights an orc

So did a great army of orcs and other foul beasts pour from the underworld and into the green plains of Arrasia and Hith did make war on the people there. So it was that his evil army did sweep through the young nations of the south that were surprised by him and had not the strength to resist him and many did fall and their cities did burn and those that were caught were murdered or enslaved.

And this great tide swept south into countries that had long been ruled by Karnish and all seemed it would fall before Hith and that the Age of Karnish would end, though still young, and that even Karnish itself would fall and a new chaos would come to the world of Arrasia. And as Hith's army swept south and brought chaos and mayhem, so Karnish rallied its army and made north to meet the dark tide. And though much had fallen to Hith, still many resisted him and cities that would not be beat and around these were great sieges set and life for those inside was harsh and death common.

And of these was the siege of Northport the greatest and for a year did they hold out, though there was much misery. And a great army, who watched the city fall into ruin and cast flames into it from their catapults, surrounded it and it did burn. But the people still would not be defeated, for they knew it were certain death. And so it was that the army of Karnish came there and finally there was war and the siege was lifted after a great battle.

So the tide was turned and the lands that had been consumed by evil were once again freed of them and slowly Hith was driven north and many battles were fought along the way, until Hith could retreat no more, for behind him were the Great Barrier Mountains and in front of him the army of Karnish. There did the two armies meet in a great battle and many died but Hith was defeated and those that were not killed were driven into the mountains and the lands were free once again and the Age of Karnish yet continued.

So it was that Hith fled across the mountains and came to the other side and with him were still many that had served him in the underworld and here they made their new home and called it Hithanon and they built dark towers and keeps and slowly were their numbers restored and the lands were filled with them. And so it was that Hith looked once again toward Karnish and sent an army against those that would stand against him, but they were defeated again. And in Karnish they knew that Hith would fight them on and on and that war with him would be long, so they called to them their armies still in Amman, where they yet fought, and so the war there was ended, though Amman-Mon stood yet defiant, and Karnish secured its borders against Hith and fought him whenever he crossed into their land and awaited the coming of his armies.

But Hith's mind was without reason and his rule was a reflection of his thoughts and was riven with chaos. So the armies of Hith came not to Karnish as a sea of violence, but instead here and there, without rhyme or reason, and they were defeated and driven back and thus was it ever and the great onlsaught of war never came to Karnish and they prospered and grew fat and Arrasia was safe again. But Hith's lands grew and his armies grew and Hith did turn his eye to Herophet and saw that it was empty and in need of a new lord and in his madness he thought he might be that new Lord. And so it might have been, but he was not alone in this desire for the throne of Herophet were indeed still empty and now called for a new master to rise and sit upon it and evil eyes turned there.

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