The only halfling nation on the southern continent, Nendor is also the most exposed and turbulent, at least by halfling standards. It is almost exclusively agrarian and they have very little to do with outside folk, except with the dwarves of the Gava Hills. Dotted with many small communities, little has changed over the centuries and even the growth of Uradun to their west and the increased threat they pose has done little to affect them. The halfling folk of Nendor are suspicious of outsiders - and by outsiders, that's anyone they don't actually know, even if it happens to be another halfling from a neighboring community. They work hard and for long hours and enjoy socializing with their friends and family in the many taverns that can be found.

Nendor is a patchwork of loosely connected communities who vote for their mayor, who is responsible for looking after the community's needs and liaising with other communities around Nendor. A president is elected from the mayors and performs an important role of making sure the borders are defended against humanoids, giants and trolls common in the Gava Hills. Communities near the border receive payment from around Nendor, raised as a tithe, to pay for this defense and other, more inland, communities are expected to send bands of armed halflings to assist in this defense. With there being a general reluctance to pay the tithe, the president is not always popular, especially when they become heavy handed in order to recover unpaid moneys.

Brief History

On the whole, Nendor is a peaceful nation who have very little to do with those around them. Being isolated on the southern side of The Malvus Peaks, there is little that affects them. Mostly, Nendor is content to continue their way of life and defend themselves from the attacks from humanoids, giants and trolls that live in the Gava Hills, but who are mostly dealt with by the dwarves who live there. In their more recent history, the coming of humans and orcs to what is now called Uradun has caused some discontent amongst the general populace and there have been occasions when the two nations have come into conflict, but these have been minor affairs and the nation of Uradun mostly leaves the halflings alone, as there is very little there of worth to them.

The Major Towns and Cities

Balthor: (pop: 1,000) Balthor is the capital of Nendor and is where the president has his headquarters and where the mayors meet to make national decisions. It is also home to the largest gnome population in Nendor. By anyone else's standards, Nendor is small and of little note, with houses nestled amongst the hills and where very little ever occurs.

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