Nizhst is, to all intent and purpose, Hith's third front. Here he battles with the local tribes, as well as the dwarves who were driven out of the Great Barrier Mountains and who now live a semi-nomadic life, being driven from one home after another. Bands of desert orcs roam the plains, but it is the Anyati tribe, converted to the cause of Hith, who primarily wage his war. Many slaves are captured here and end up working all over his bleak empire.

The hot and humid tropical environment of Nizhst makes life here, for those that are not used to it, very difficult. Desert orcs roam freely and are a constant menace, but other orcs prefer not to dwell in such temperatures and tend to keep close to the mountains and hills, where there is more shade and the coolness of caves is preferred. The natural inhabitants of these lands are tribesmen, whose villages are dotted across the plains.

Nizhst is divided into three major tribes. The Anyati, an evil and vicious warlike tribe, make up for their lack of numbers through their aggression and the almost supernatural-like fear that the other tribes have of them. They have come under Hith's sway and it is to him that they now take their orders. The Biyuk tribes live mainly in the south and are the most cultured and peaceful of the tribes. They have been systematically slaughtered and enslaved by the Anyati and their communities destroyed. The Deru tribes are hunters and warriors who traditionally have fought both the Anyati and Biyuk, but now find themselves under threat from the Anyati and see their numbers dwindling.

There are also a considerable number of dwarves in Nizhst, forced from their homes in the Great Barrier Mountains over the course of many generations. These dwarves have become a strange breed, being semi-nomadic and exceptionally aggressive, with survival at the heart of their way of life and their psyche. Using aggression as the first form of defense, they are formidable foes who the Anyati only fight when forced to. It is the orcs, who dwell in the same regions, who come into most contact with the dwarves and the battles between the two races are full on affairs, with no quarter given. It is rumored that the dwarves are building a new citadel in the southern mountains, though none ever claim to have seen it.

Brief History

See The Land of Hith for the brief history of Nizhst.

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