Chapter 11: The Reprieve of Man and the Coming of the Elves

For a period, after the fall of Voln, Gort was weakened from his battles and peace came to Damarkan and that period saw Rama and Themex bring into Damarkan two sons, Vihahn and Huthain. And these children did grow and Huthain and Adria did beget a son, Nendagon, and a daughter, Rougon. And to Gort and Fellias, who had come together on Gort's many visits to Olmus, were given two sons, Arak Kal and Gorazyn.

Shylar found much happiness in the joys of her children and the children of her children and her sorrow for Pittok was lessened, though not forgot. Yet there was discontent in her heart, for Kavak was too long gone from Damarkan and his purpose seemed to be elsewhere. So it was that she did send her servants to look for him, but they found him not. Yet sometimes he would emerge from Canath without a word, only to vanish once again into the darkness of his deep halls. So Shylar went to Kavak, when he was in Damarkan, and did ask him of his doings and though he told her not, she read in his mind the secret of Lima and Kiwani, though she knew not where it was.

And when she revealed to him what she knew, he did tell her of Kiwani and Lima and the Dowatu and he did even reveal to her that Voln was there with him and that she was now rid of her evil and that she had born his children. But Shylar dared not believe this, for she knew the deceit of Voln was dark indeed and told Kavak this and that she would deceive him, but he would not have it.

So it was that Shylar asked to be taken to Kiwani and Lima and there brought face to face with Voln and, despite his reluctance, he did consent and showed her the way through Canath to Kiwani and there revealed to her all that he had created and told her of the harpies, who were scattered throughout the darkened depths of Kiwani, and did take her to Vä where Voln now ruled alone.

Upon seeing Shylar, she thought that her plan had been outed, but saw that Kavak knew nothing of her intent and continued to play her role. But Shylar was not so convinced and could see in her heart evil and told Kavak so. But Voln pleaded the change of her ways and Kavak would not have it any other way, having seen the truth of it with his own eyes, and Shylar knew he would be deceived and that he would not heed her wisdom. And at this time, Voln did reveal to both Kavak and Shylar her own creations, who she called Mernen, who would later be known as Man, who were bigger and stronger than the dwarves of Kavak. They were as yet still to be finished and as Kavak had given over to Voln his own Dowatu to fill the halls of Vä, so would she give over to Kavak her Mernen, when they were done.

But Shylar was still not fooled and she could see the dark hearts of Voln's creations and that they would serve only she who created them. And she told Kavak this, but still he would not listen and Voln knew now that he was lost to her and that Shylar had no power over him. So there was a great feast and merriment in the golden halls of Vä which were filled with the songs of the dwarves who ate and drank and were filled with joy. And while there was much distraction, Shylar did alight from the merriment and make her way down through the chambers of Vä to the Mernen and there did all she could to give Kavak hope, when his blindness might be lifted, and into the hearts of the Mernen did she place her own goodness to challenge the evil of Voln upon their wakening and that forever contained within the hearts of men would be the struggle of good and evil.

So Shylar returned to Henipur, but still her work was not done, for a dread now was fixed upon her and she looked to find new paths to Kiwani, that might not be known and which would be a way for her to come and go as she might please. Over time, she found many such secret paths, as well as paths to all manner of new and strange worlds, and she also had her smithies discover the secret of bronze, which had made the dwarves glisten so, and fashion for the Veshwe armor and weapons with which to defend themselves. So they were given bows, fashioned from the trees of Henipur, and arrows tipped with bronze and swords the like of which not even the smithies of Lima and Vä could imagine.

And when the time was right, Shylar called Orphus to her, whom for long had tended her gardens and overseen her wishes, and told him of Kiwani and all that was to be found there. And she also told him of the Mernen and the torment of their hearts that would see treachery and double treachery in some, but in others would be good and honor. Finally, she gave to him an army of her Veshwe and told Orphus to take them to Kiwani, where they would hide amongst the gardens that had grown from the seeds fallen from Kavak's feet as he walked there and wait for Voln's treachery and come to the aid of Kavak, should he so need it.

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