Chapter 12: The Fall of Gort

Voln now turned to Kavak and called him to arms against her old foe, Gort, who, so she said, had commanded Sarax to attack the dwarves with her armies of harpies and that with her defeat, so he would send another, greater foe to defeat Kavak, for Gort wanted to be master of all. And slowly did the thoughts of Kavak turn black and in the shadows of Lima did he see a foe in every corner, until such was his conviction of war against him that he gathered the Mernen who had been a gift to him and armed them and called to Voln to muster her own and in their tens of thousands the men of Kiwani were readied for war against the greatest enemy, Gort.

So the greatest army yet gathered marched from Kiwani, with Voln and Kavak at their head, and passed into the strange mists of other worlds as Kavak led them through the paths that he knew and brought them unawares and unlooked for into Herophet, where Gort was now made aware of his old foe and called forth the generals of the hells of Herophet to gather and come to his aid and at the gates of his palace did unleash the full fury of the evil that were contained within and the two armies clashed in the Battle of Herophet, the greatest battle of its age.

And here it was that Gort unleashed Udenkkoran and Tuskoran, great wyrms that had lain hid under Herophet, and now came and scorched his enemies from above while the devil hordes of Herophet smashed against the ranks of men. But men showed the strength and courage of their hearts and stood firm against this onslaught, despite the massacre of their ranks, for their numbers greatly outnumbered that of their enemy and when the first waves against them had done their worst and floundered, so Kavak and Voln marched against Gort in his palace, but could not break through the great gates and were again attacked by Gort's minions.

News of the battle came to the ears of the Aslah in Damarkan and they knew now that their time had come and an army of Veshwe, the elves, was gathered and great ships were built that bore them down the River Mothex and into Herophet, with Ky, amongst the most powerful of Shylar's servants, at their helm and with him had Shylar sent Kultakuggen, a great golden wyrm. And this great force set foot onto Herophet and joined forces with Voln and Kavak and the Mernen and the forces of Gort were shocked and much blood was spilt and the gates of Herophet were smashed and Kavak and Voln and Ky marched through into the halls of Gort's palace for the final reckoning.

Even as the battle still raged all around and men and elves felt their life blood flow out of them and the skies of Herophet crackled with the sound of battle between Kultakuggen and Udenkkoran and Tuskoran, so Gort came face to face with Voln and Kavak and Ky and the four did engage in a ferocious battle that saw the very foundations of the palace of Herophet shake and the walls crack and even though he was outnumbered, his power was so great that he could not be defeated by them.

And on the battlefield the tide turned against Kavak and Voln and their allies, as Zykerathox came to the aid of Gort and unleashed into the battle tens of thousands of his demonic creations, and they smashed against the wavering ranks of men and elves and the battle was renewed. And Xagraxsus also came to the aid of Gort and with his armies would surely have seen the end of the forces allied against Gort, but was met halfway by Hakkan, his brother, who had emptied all of Talokas and Pakara and with him were Yerraz, Babbarax, Gygafrak, Naberru and Ragmannon and their forces waylaid Xagraxsus and defeated him and he was forced to run and hide.

So Hakkan came onto the battlefield and his forces engaged the enemies of his mother and Hakkan made for the palace and came to where Gort remained undefeated and there stood against his father, who had long ago banished him, and Gort felt the power of his son, matching even his own, and knew that his time was done. So there was a great fight between them, which shook all of the universe, and their power filled the air until Hakkan cast his father down and destroyed him and was victorious. Thus was Gort's time brought to an end, his reign was over, for he was no more and Hakkan was now the new lord of Herophet.

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