Chapter 13: The Deceit of Voln Revealed and Man's Challenge


And in their moment of victory, with Gort no more and his armies in retreat, so Voln laid bare her long set plans and called to the men on the battlefield to cast aside Kavak and all that would follow him and destroy the elves of Shylar and their allies and a new battle was engaged upon. And here it was that the conflict of the hearts of men was revealed and some turned to evil and came to the call of Voln, but others betrayed her and stood fast with their allies and Voln knew now of Shylar's trickery and cursed her.

And in the hells of Herophet was Kavak made aware of Voln's deceit and he was set upon by her and Hakkan and was defeated and placed in the dungeons of Herophet, alongside Ky. So Herophet was now the dominion of Hakkan and Voln could now reclaim Sota and make her home there once again. And the battle now turned in the tide of Voln and Hakkan and those that stood with them and the men and elves were soon in retreat as their ranks were smashed and their leadership shorn. But not all was yet lost, for Shylar had looked to Voln's betrayal and into the battlefield came Firngald and Gungorn who did lead a great army of elves and gnomes into Herophet and came to the aid of their brethren, who neared defeat.

So the battle was renewed and many on both sides were lost forever and the battle raged over many days, in the reckoning of men, until at last did Hakkan himself emerge, with Yerraz at his side, and drive against their enemies. And with the sight of their master so engaged, so his own armies redoubled their efforts and at last the battle was won and all of Hakkan's enemies scattered throughout Herophet, where they would suffer and most would die. And to Naberru and Ragmannon, the allies of Hakkan, were given the great gift of immortality and Naberru given dominion over Pakara and Ragmannon given dominion over Tyr. And to Yerraz was given dominion over Talokas.

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