Chapter 15: Rise of Men, the War of Chaos and Dragons

In their bid for freedom, so men were scattered across the plains of Kiwani, which they called Arrasia, and they fled north, east and west, even over water and all to lands new and unchartered, and there roamed as nomads for many generations and soon numbered more than could be counted or even imagined. And many great leaders of men emerged, fearless and strong, who led their tribes through the dangers of the world, which was filled with all manner of wild beasts. Some were tamed and put to good use, for work or food, and some were hunted.

But men's hearts were their own, for each now faced the trial of Voln and Shylar everyday of their lives and many chose a path of good, but many also chose a path of evil. And where men met on the plains of Arrasia, they fought and their blood was spilt into the soft earth and entire tribes destroyed or consumed or enslaved and some tribes grew powerful and large and some gave up their nomadic ways and formed settlements, which they called their own. And soon there were wars between the settlements and many were destroyed or consumed or enslaved and some settlements grew powerful and large and the wars of man continued ever thus.

So it was, with Gort defeated and Kavak the prisoner of Hakkan, who was master of all Herophet, that for a while the eyes of the Aslah did turn to Arrasia and the men that dwelt there, for no longer was this world a secret to them, for Voln had told Hakkan and through him all now knew of it and all looked to the dominion of it. So Gygafrak and Babbarax each sent their own armies of goblins and there they fought for the dominion of Arrasia with men, who were now hard put to survive. And to their aid did Shylar send gnomes and elves, who were also ordered to search for Orphus, of whom nothing more had been heard, and did call upon Thim and Olgden to send halflings to Arrasia, and they did so.

Thus was Arrasia filled with the minions of the Aslah and their offspring and the War of Chaos came to the world, which was consumed in madness and filled with hate and malice, and men found their homes destroyed and their flesh torn by enemies new. But no longer did they run and instead stood firm against their foes and strengthened their fortifications and sharpened the points of their spears and went to war. And across the plains of Arrasia were the battles of good men and their enemies fought and many were lost, but also many were won and men proved their strength and worth and valor and were not easily defeated.

And into the chaos came dragons of great power, who served none but their own, for their greed was unmatched and their malice great and they came against the people of Arrasia and destroyed them where they found them and coveted those things that were precious and hoarded them. And some were felled by great warriors and great tales told of them, but wherever they set their foot did terror follow and soon all of Arrasia knew of the might of the dragons and only the bravest, or most foolhardy, dared stand against them. Yet it was that some dragons were not all bad and would fight their evil brethren, and some would come to the aid of the people of Arrasia and the bloodline of dragons was set opposed to one another and there would be war between them, when they met.

And the servants of Shylar, sent to the aid of men, came to Arrasia, but many were waylaid by the evil men of the world and the armies of Gygafrak and Babbarax and their blood was shed upon the battle fields and their numbers scattered and hid, but others came and fought and died alongside men and the tales of their deeds are long and full of glory and through this alliance did the world of men survive and the alliance of evil withstood and even reduced. And Layagat emerged in the south as a great nation of elves and there was peace there. And within the chaos of the world the goblin armies of Gygafrak and Babbarax soon turned upon one another and there was war between those who were once allies and all of the world bled and Gygafrak and Babbarax were themselves drawn into war.

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