Chapter 16: Dyonicos, Grism, Xagraxsus and Orcs


Far in the depths below Lima, which was now but a ruin, did Dyonicos chase Grism and the dwarves that followed him and many he found that were lost or hid and those were murdered or put to slavery, but Grism he could not find and his anger was great. For in the dark, Grism was hid and he had put his time to good use, for all the advantage seemed to be with Dyonicos, whom he spied at every turn. But there in the darkness did he discover steel and even mithral and his smithies forged weapons and armor unlike anything that had been seen before and into them was fused great power.

And so the two armies of Grism and Dyonicos met in the dark depths and there was a great battle and much blood on both sides was shed. Yet the discipline of Grism's forces held firm, and the power of his weapons brought much suffering upon their enemy. But Dyonicos urged his own army forward again and again and they smashed into the ranks and into the spears of their once dwarven brothers and countless lives were lost that day, until Dyonicos was defeated and forced to retreat and to hide with what remained of his army in the darkness, as Grism had before him.

And in victory Grism turned to those that had followed him and declared them free to return to Lima, but that he would not, for his task was to find Dyonicos and destroy him. So again the dwarves were split and many did return to the surface and the wreckage of Lima and in revenge did destroy Vä and chase out those that were still there, while others remained with Grism in the depths and there continued their war with Dyonicos.

Unbeknown to all, Xagraxsus did sit also in the depths of Arrasia, hid there from Hakkan and Voln and all those that would destroy him and with him were the harpies, who had retreated into the darkness, and in him they saw a new master and in the dark of the underworld he did build a great citadel and populated it with all manner of foul beast.

To the dwarves that returned to the surface, the world was much changed and was now filled with all manner of foul creatures and they were set upon by evil men and goblins and they also espied the elves, whom they thought their enemies, and did make war with them, until it seemed that all of the world were now at war.

Great citadels in the mountains and hills did the dwarves build, all but pale reflections of the memory of Lima, and there defended themselves against the evil of the world and called to Kavak for his help, but there was no answer, for he was captive, so some turned to Graxber and though he heeded them, he came not.

And to their despair, and the despair of all Arrasia, did Ragmannon unleash his own army, who were in his own likeness and were foul and despicable like him and were called orcs. And they came in great number and with hate and rage in their black hearts and the war that had consumed Arrasia now raged greater and the elves especially did feel the power of the orc's arm and many were killed and many forced to flee. And against the Kingdoms of man they made war and many fledgling nations did fall to them and were destroyed. And they made war against the goblins of Gygafrak and Babbarax and knew no fear nor required any ally, for they were the orcs of Ragmannon.

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