Chapter 17: The Orc-Goblin War


So was all of Arrasia consumed in chaos as the Aslah sought dominion over it and their armies were set against one another. And men did fall and their homes destroyed, for they were set against each other as well as the evil that now dwelt there and their lot was a harsh one, for the servants of Shylar could help them not. And amongst those that stood against them were the goblins of Gygafrak and Babbarax, who feasted upon the misery of men. Yet none made them suffer more than the orcs of Ragmannon, who destroyed all that they saw and were the friends of no one, not even themselves.

Thus were the men of Arrasia hard put to survive and, indeed, many did not and their flesh was burnt upon the scorched plains that were once their homes. And as men retreated, so did the goblins and orcs consume their lands and soon they met upon the fields of Arrasia and turned upon each other. So it was that Gygafrak and Babbarax stood united against Ragmannon and their armies clashed in bloody violence wherever they met, for though the orcs were powerful and the goblins not their match, they had not the numbers of their enemy, who poured against them in waves.

So it was that Gygafrak made better his goblins, stronger than those that were the art of Babbarax, and he instilled into them some courage and skill with the sword and they stood against the orcs of Ragmannon in great number and took them unawares and defeated them. And Ragmannon was enraged and sent to Arrasia great beasts who shook the ground as they walked upon it and they fell upon the armies of Gygafrak and Babbarax and swept them aside and Ragmannon, it seemed, were the lord of Arrasia.

Ragmannon now turned once more against the men and elves of Arrasia and unleashed his armies upon them. But they had not been idle and when the orcs came, many stood together and their ranks would not be broken and the orcs fell upon their spears and they could not defeat their enemy. Thus was the relentless march of the orcs slowed and many killed in battle and soon they did turn upon each other in their rage and their armies fell into disarray. And the men of Arrasia retook their lands and rebuilt their homes and Ragmannon, it seemed, was no longer the lord of Arrasia.

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