Chapter 2: Early Days


The Aslah were the nine children of Eradu and were the first to walk upon the lands of Damarkan. Through their skill and labor, the Aslah turned Damarkan into a land of beauty, landscaped with grass, trees and flora of their own making and filled with all manner of animals, fashioned through their own skill. For each of the nine Aslah a great palace was built.

For the beautiful Desdemar, Gort and Onnus built Golgoria, a magnificent palace and the most beautiful of all the palaces for the Aslah. Kavak found his home within the rugged mountains that pierced through the floor of Damarkan, building his citadel, Canath, deep within the greatest peak, the great halls and chambers carved out of the very rock with his own hand. Themex preferred the seas and built his citadel, Ryzor, deep below the calm waters, while Shylar's citadel was Henipur, built in the greatest of all the trees in Damarkan, which she herself had designed and populated Damarkan with. Onnus built himself the great stone citadel of Thoran, which overlooked Golgoria. For Voln was constructed the palace of Talokas and for Olmus was built Mulhata, while to Pittok was built the citadel of Wynord, the highest of all, having been built on the tallest of the peaks of Damarkan. And Gort, who choose to build his citadel far away from the others, built Herophet.

The Aslah then built Paradorn, the greatest of the palaces where they could all meet and which was a palace that was there for the pleasure of all of them. The nine then set about sculpting Damarkan and covering it in everything that was beautiful to them and added their own creations. Shylar crafted the most splendid gardens filled with flowers of extraordinary color and trees that rose so high into the sky that the tops could not be seen. And within these gardens, she created the workers of the garden, the Veshwe, who would later be called elves, and the Waynwarings, who would later be called gnomes.

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