Chapter 3: Kiwani and the Dwarves


Kavak continued with the building of his vast citadel and dug so deep that he fell out of the bottom of Damarkan and into a strange gray world, where clouds swirled all around and vast rocks seemed to float of their own accord. Without telling the other Aslah of his discovery, Kavak took to exploring this strange world and would disappear from Damarkan for long periods. He soon found that this strange world connected a multitude of worlds and it was he who first discovered Kiwani, that would later be called Arrasia.

Kiwani stood at the heart of all creation, touching all its aspects and being formed by all its aspects. Here, fire, earth, water and air flowed in equal measure and the energies of the cosmos were at their most harmonious. Kavak discovered many worlds on his travels, but none like that of Kiwani and it was to Kiwani that he found himself drawn back time after time. Here he began to build himself a new citadel, Lima, in the vast peaks that covered the land. Unbeknown to him, on the sole of his feet did he bring seeds from Damarkan and in time Kiwani began to be covered with grasses, flowers, trees and all manner of flora.

Kavak, however, had no interest in the new life that he had brought from Damarkan and continued with the building of Lima and upon its completion he could see that it was greater even than Canath. Feeling the emptiness of the great halls, Kavak created the Dowatu, who would later be called dwarves, to fill his chambers and continue his designs.

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