Chapter 28: The First Amman-Goblin War


And so it was that Gygafrak did see the power of Amman and the glory that it brought to Hakkan and he too desired to make such an army and such a nation and so he went to Babbarax and they put aside their quarrels and roused the goblins of Arrasia, who were scattered, having been defeated by the orcs of Ragmannon, and swelled their ranks with goblins more powerful than before and they poured out of their dark holes in which they were hid and came together in two great armies, each of tens of thousands, and they made war upon Amman.

And the armies of Gygafrak did march against Belas and it was sacked and razed to the ground and the Amman were hounded out of Syrámä and forced to retreat. And to the north, the hordes of Babbarax struck against the Amman in Mandapor and there fought a furious battle and both sides suffered greatly, but soon the Amman were again defeated, for their forces were weak and ill-prepared for this sudden onslaught, and so began a war of attrition and only begrudgingly did the Amman give up their land and the land was strewn in the bodies of both sides and land gained was at a high cost and the war for Mandapor would not be won quickly.

So the armies of Gygafrak marched into the lands once called Sárat and all fell away before them. And in Amman was a great army of men and orcs gathered and they put out to meet the goblin armies and defeat them and they came to Maqat Hill and put themselves upon the hill and drew the goblin armies to them and there fought them and the Battle of Maqat Hill did last for 3 days and two nights and the ground was turned dark with the blood of those that fell there and in the fiercest heat of the battle did Gygafrak call to Babbarax to support him, for Mandapor would not be won quickly and here lay the heart of their war with Amman.

But Babbarax came not, for she sought her own glory, and in Talakos did Gygafrak turn upon his sister and the two of them fought and Gygafrak would have won, but for the intervention of Hakkan, who had come to Talakos in a rage at their war upon him and was pleased to see their strife. So he did come to an agreement with Babbarax that he would help her defeat her brother, so that she alone would be master of Talakos and that she would turn her army against her brother in Arrasia and it was agreed.

So Gygafrak was defeated by the power of Hakkan and he fled Talakos and came to Xanaxa, where he might continue his war on Hakkan. And so it was that the goblin armies of Babbarax did indeed come to Maqat Hill and joined the battle, but against the goblins of Gygafrak and not the armies of Amman and the great army of Gygafrak was defeated and scattered and they were once again hid. And from Mandapor and Sárat were driven the remnants of the armies of Gygafrak and they were once again called Amman.

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