Chapter 29: The Second Infernal War and the Defeat of Olmus

In Xanaxa did Hakkan now lead those that would follow him and he took the war to Gygafrak and looked to finish off his foe. But Gygafrak stood not alone and to his aid came Olmus, with a great army of servants, and Naberru and Ragmannon also came and there was a great alliance between them and a great battle was fought on the wastes of Xanaxa between the forces of evil. And their dark blood was shed and Hakkan was hard put, for he was outnumbered, and finally he was defeated and he fled to Sota, where Voln embraced him and took him in.

So it was that the forces of chaos came to Sota and there made a great camp before the wall of Voln's citadel and killed those they found there and Olmus laughed at those within and called them out to fight. But Hakkan and Voln did not come, for they were surrounded and knew their end would follow. But to them came Yerraz and Yerat and Condos who brought with them a great army and it seemed that all of Herophet was now stood in Sota and there was a great battle between them and Hakkan and Voln now also came out and with them their own armies and all of Herophet shook from the mighty struggle of the armies of hell.

And it was during this time that Concei-Japur, who was the daughter of Condos and Huthain, left the confines of Herophet and took with her Concei-Pharos, her sister. Concei-Japur was imbued with the goodness of Huthain and the stench of Herophet sat badly with her and she could bear it no longer. But Concei-Pharos was not so certain and the lifeblood of Huthain not so thick in her and she looked back at Herophet and already there was a longing in her.

And Concei-Japur called to Oida to ferry them to Damarkan and on to Canath, where Kavak was glad in his heart that they had come to him, for Huthain had suffered for him and these were his offspring. So it was they were welcomed in Canath and there found the pleasures of Damarkan like nothing before experienced by them. But Concei-Pharos found no content in her heart and she yearned yet to return to Herophet, and knew she would, but kept this in her heart and awaited her chance.

In Sota did the ground shake from the great battle there and Hakkan, Voln, Condos, Yerraz and Yerat now stood against Olmus, Gygafrak, Naberru and Ragmannon and their power was great and it looked that Sota itself might be rendered as the ground shook and lava flowed and the mountains cracked and spewed forth their venom and the fires of Sota flowed freely and the forces of Olmus and her allies gave up their fight and left Sota and returned to their own lands.

So it was that to Kavak and Concei-Pharos was born Hengar, who was foul and ugly and full of spite and Kavak flew into a rage and would have killed them both had it not been for Concei-Japur, who pleaded with him and who was not like her sister. So Kavak gave to them Tharaq Am and they dwelt there for a time, but even Concei-Japur could not bear Hengar and soon the sisters fell into a feud and Concei-Pharos left Tharaq Am and took refuge in Wynord, where Thim took her in. But the spite of Hengar grew stronger and the evil in him was a stench on the fair land of Wynord and Thim said he must go, though Concei-Pharos may stay.

So Hengar and Concei-Pharos left Damarkan, for she would not part with him, and came to Mulhata, where Olmus gave them refuge. But Condos was not pleased that her daughter should be at Mulhata and she called to Hakkan to aid her, as she had him, and so it was that there was war again between them and Condos and Hakkan came to Mulhata and made war there and Olmus came out to meet them and again the air was full of their strength and power. But Condos and Hakkan were too strong for her and she was defeated and fled Mulhata and Hengar and Concei-Pharos were now masters of that place.

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