Chapter 32: Hayn and Destor and the Second Syrámä War


In Herophet did Hayn haunt the dark of its dungeons and those that dwelt there thought him peculiar, for he was not like them. And in truth, he was not like them, for the spirit of Adria was strong in him and he cared not for the evil ways of his father, Hakkan, though knew only the evil worlds in which he had lived. So he lived alone in Herophet and involved himself not in the affairs of those that dwelt there and cared only for his own company.

But the spirit of Adria grew within him and he heard her sweet voice calling to him when his eyes closed and his dreams tormented him. So he took refuge yet deeper in Herophet and closed his eyes no more and looked to the darkness for the peace of his spirit. Yet still it was that Adria came to him in his thoughts and he knew that there was purpose in this and that he must leave Herophet if he were to find his peace. And so it was that he left Herophet and called to Oida to ferry him to Damarkan, though he knew not what he would find there.

And on the shores of Damarkan did Hayn set his foot and those there that saw him ran from him, for his visage was that of a dark ghost, foul and without form, and Kavak and Tannun Maruth and Destor heard of him and came to destroy him for they feared he was a servant of Hakkan. So they met on the shores of the River Mothex and prepared to kill him, but Destor stepped forward and declared they must not kill this spirit, for he had dreamed this moment and that his future were wrapped in it and though Kavak and Tannun Maruth liked it not, they conceded to the will of Destor and gave Hayn over to his protection.

Long did they sit in silence in Raman, where Destor had made his home, for he was disturbed and knew not what it was he was supposed to do. For his dreams had long been disturbed with the picture of this spirit and Adria had spoken to him and shown him of the meeting on the shores of the River Mothex. So he sat and thought and looked to Adria that she might impart him a vision, but nothing came to him. Thus did Hayn declare himself to be Hayn, son of Adria and Hakkan, who had left Herophet for his mind were disturbed with visions of his mother, though he knew not what they meant. And Destor was amazed and told Hayn he was son of Kavak and Adria and that they were half-brothers and he too had heard the voice of Adria call to him.

So they did talk to each other of their dreams and came to believe that her spirit was with them and that she was not at rest, for her time had been a troubled one and her body did rest in Cerador, unawakened, for sorrow had consumed her. So they went to Cerador and sought Uther, who had laid her to rest there and he took them to see her and their hearts were moved, for such was her beauty yet preserved that they thought she might yet wake. And to Hayn and Destor came an image into their minds of Arrasia and of Hakkan and Amman and a compulsion did enter into them and they knew they must to Arrasia go.

So it was that they spoke to Uther, for he was once a man and had spent his time in Arrasia and he was the lover of Adria, who had dwindled in his arms, and he told them of that place and how they might get there. So they went to Kavak and he gave them leave to go to Arrasia, though he trusted not this spirit of Herophet, but had given his word to Destor. So they left for Arrasia and came to the southern lands, which were filled with the war of Fane, and so they took a disguise. Hayn hid his dark spirit as that of a man, for his visage would otherwise bring terror, and they traveled the lands as nomads, for they knew not for what they searched or why they had come to Arrasia.

And there Hayn and Destor did fight alongside King Fenamir II and were there as Fane was sealed in his tower, though none knew who they were, and for a while they spent their time hid amongst the world of men and fought with them and learnt of them and saw for themselves all that was beautiful and terrible in this world and all it could be, both good and bad. But they were not content and they heard of the wars to the north and made their way across the seas in search of the destiny that called them.

In Amman had there been a peace since the goblin wars with Gygafrak and the destruction of Belas, from which they had ruled Syrámä. But time had passed and they had recovered their losses and were stronger than before and their armies were again mustered and for a second time did they march into Syrámä and make war on those that lived there, for since their last occupation had many settlements sprung up on the coast and along the banks of the Syramassa River and they were easy pickings and were defeated and enslaved.

But in Syrámä at this time were also Destor and Hayn and to both came a dream that saw them stand against Amman with an army and they knew that here lay their destiny and about them they raised an army of men that would stand against Amman and the people of Syrámä heard their call in their dreams and came to them. And so in the heart of Syrámä was the ground covered in men and women and the ringing of steel as weapons and armor were fashioned and an army readied for war.

To the west, the lands of Syrámä fell before the advancing Amman army and they knew not of a great enemy that was yet before them and they saw only their own victory and the expansion of Amman and its power and greatness within Arrasia. And so they came to the heart of Syrámä and there came against a small force who would fight them and they laughed, for this was a pitiful number of men. So they attacked and thought to wipe out this resistance and were tricked, for below the ridge had Destor placed his army and they were out of sight and when the forces of Amman came at them, they were surprised and their great army was squeezed and exposed and were defeated and forced to retreat and regroup.

And there did Hayn call upon the dead to rise and he sent this terrible army against his enemy and there was a great horror on the faces of those that fought there, for they knew the faces of the dead, for had they once stood alongside them, and many ran from the field in fear and madness. But this dead army was defeated by Amman and they again mustered their forces and attacked the dense ranks of Destor's army, but their horses fell upon the long spears and as the soldiers of Amman fell, so their ghastly forms would rise and fight those that were once their friends, for Hayn turned them against his enemies and the army of Amman was defeated and they turned and fled and Syrámä was yet free of the tyranny of Amman and the people rejoiced.

Yet Hayn and Destor did not rejoice, for their hearts were still heavy and the sorrow of Adria lay with them yet and they left Syrámä and continued their journey on Arrasia and they came to Owthenus, a great city of dwarves, and stayed there for a while and Destor was revered and given great status and for a while did they find peace and their time there was good and Destor revealed himself to the dwarves of Owthenus and they knelt before him and did love him. But the yearning in his heart returned and he and Hayn left and returned to Raman in Damarkan and wished only that their hearts would be filled with peace.

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