Chapter 33: Northern Expansions and the Amman Wars

While yet Amman's ambitions to the east were thwarted, so they turned their attention north and also to the dwarves that dwelt in the Phat Downs, for their lands split Amman in two. So the army marched north over the Sol Hills and into Hjothdal and came almost unopposed to their major cities, for Hjothdal was a weak nation and the warlords there had for too long fought against one another. But conflict came and two great battles saw Hjothdal conquered and its people enslaved and the Amman forces continued north and into Nÿgamär. And there also did it seem that few would turn out to oppose the mighty Amman and the south of that country fell easily. But then did the warlords come together to defend their lands and they were ferocious in their defense and each inch gained by the Amman forces was at a heavy cost and the glorious march slowed to a crawl and the war there a bloody one.

To the north also lay the island nation of Norvsond, where Uther and those that followed him had arrived after their great escape from Herophet and the worlds in between and who were a mighty nation of seafarers and whose peoples had populated the north. And Amman saw their strength and knew they must be conquered, for it would show their greatness. So an army was prepared and they boarded their ships and set sail and made for Norvsond. But the sea rose up against them, and some said it were the Aslah come Arrasia, and the sea did shake in violence and many ships did sink to the bottom of the sea and many men were made sick and many perished and there was great rejoicing in Norvsond.

So Norvsond sent out their fleet that met with what remained of the Amman armada, who were easily defeated. And many were sunk and sent to the bottom of the sea and an army of men were drowned and the Emperor of Amman was greatly angered and ordered a new fleet of ships to be built, that would carry their men and defeat Norvsond.

And while this was being done, the dwarves of the Phat Downs found themselves now at war and their peoples massacred by the Amman. So it was an army was raised in Ilken that marched against the Amman and made good account of themselves and were not easily defeated, for they were hardy folk, and only slowly were they pushed back and each battle saw great loss on either side. But slowly they were defeated and the hills around their great citadel of Ilken were conquered and were no longer safe for the dwarves who had once lived there and they retreated into it and the gates were closed. So a great siege of the underground city were set and a vigil of years begun, for the gates would not be broken and the occupants would fight no more.

And in the north was Nÿgamär divided into two and were great walls built to halt the conflict there. And to the north were the warlords allowed to roam freely, for they had proved tough to defeat, and when they came south they came to the great wall, where the Amman easily defeated them, so they turned on each other and their union was over and the war there ended.

So was the great fleet built and a great army sent north to conquer Norvsond. But the people there had not been idle and they too had built themselves a fleet of ships and when news came to them of the invasion, the fleet came out to face them and there was a great battle on the seas, which would be remembered as the Battle of Addenbar, and both seemed equally matched. And for a time it looked that Amman would defeat their enemy and conquer the northern island, but this was not to be and slowly the ships on either side were sunk, until many men were lost to the sea and the army of Amman were but a shadow of its former self. So Amman was defeated on the seas, though Norvsond suffered greatly also, and returned home and Norvsond had secured their future, though they knew it not at that time.

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