Chapter 45: The Fall of Hakkan


And so on Arrasia was Hakkan defeated and the Amman empire was no more, though the war with Amman did continue, as their lands slowly dwindled and were conquered. Yet Fandor was not yet satiated and in him burnt a fire still and he gathered around him those that would come and went to Damarkan. And there with him went Uther and Mynax and Omuz and a host of their army and they came to Herok and there called to them the Aslah. So did come Destor and Hayn, and also Tannun Maruth and Thim, and Kavak also came. And it was Kavak that saw in Fandor the line of Onnus and Desdemar renewed and that he were the incarnate of them both.

So they made for Herophet and called upon Oida to ferry them there and they came upon the shores of Herophet and Hakkan felt them come and knew that Fandor was there with them and he shook with fear and all his old wounds did cause him pain. So they came to the great gates of Herophet and called forth Hakkan to meet them. And though he felt his end were near, Hakkan felt a fire of old burn deep in him and he roused himself and called out his servants who yet remained, for many were lost in the great battle on Arrasia, and the gates were opened and Hakkan came to meet with his enemy.

And now did Voln come again to Hakkan and she had emptied Sota, who came with her as an army of great evil, and she stood with Hakkan and would fight with him one more time. So there was a battle between them and their servants and they clashed in a great violence and all of Herophet shook. And Fandor and Hakkan stood in the center of the great battle and did use all their skills to defeat the other and they were wreathed in flame and around their heads the air did shake with thunder.

And in the fires of Herophet did Mynax lead the men of Arrasia against the devils that lashed them with their fire and Voln came at him with a great number of her servants and they consumed him. But so the men of Arrasia who had followed Mynax to Herophet came to him and stood along side him, though Voln smote them with her evil blows, and they fought with Voln and her allies and though they suffered greatly, Mynax was saved and he fought with Voln once more, for she now stood alone. Thus a great fight ensued between them and those that came close to them were swept away and the air around them crackled with a great energy and it seemed the very fabric of all that made the cosmos were ripping. And so it was that Voln was defeated by Mynax and she was cast aside and was no more.

And as Voln fell, so Hakkan felt a great pain at her departure and fell to his knees and Fandor knew that this was his moment and he severed the head of Hakkan and his body fell to the floor and the mountains of Herophet burst into a great fire and flames fell from the skies and the allies of Hakkan and Voln fled or were killed, for they knew their masters to be defeated and that Hakkan was no more.

So was the power of Herophet diminished and its greatest lords no more. And Fandor now stood as the greatest of the Aslah, imbued with the power of those that had fallen to his hand and were now forever gone. Thus did he return victorious to Damarkan and there took Thoran to be his own, which none had occupied since Onnus, and he gave to Mynax Taras, and declared there would be a new order in Damarkan and that those that served him would be rewarded and be mighty powerful indeed.

Thus ended thre reign of Hakkan and the Amman tyranny and in Arrasia did Karnish embrace the new lords as their own and Argan I, who had fought in both Arrasia and Herophet, was anointed as their first King and did mould Karnish in the fashion of Fandor's desire.

And though there was still much war and chaos in Arrasia, for Amman, though defeated, yet fought for what remained of their lands and a great madness had consumed the peoples of Arrasia who now fought for land as fledgling nations appeared and old ones were rekindled. And at the heart of it all stood Karnish, whose army fought still against Amman and were far from home and who looked to their neighbors for trade, rather than war, and the people were no longer in bondage and were free and everywhere were the celebrations of victory and freedom held.

So it was that none dare come to Herophet and claim it's throne their own, for the power of the dark lords was greatly diminsihed and they cowered before the power of Fandor, so was it now bereft of a master. Thus did Zykerathox become its Steward, until a new master did emerge, whenever that would be.

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