Chapter 46: Of Karnish

So Karnish rose from the ashes of the destruction of the Amman empire, which was now but a shadow of its former self, and was like a beacon of good where before there had been a veil of evil. And the people looked to Fandor and those that had served him and their homes and cities were rebuilt and man and wife reunited. But for some there was great loss, for many had perished, and continued to perish, in the great war that had overthrown the evil oppressors and they were missed greatly.

For a period were the lands of Arrasia in turmoil and there was much chaos in the world as new powers came to be and fought to control new lands and be master of their own Kingdoms and so they fought until new nations did emerge from the fires of war and old ones once more bloomed. And of these Syrámä emerged anew and much greater than before and there was also Orith and Yam, and there was Badathur and Yarath as the neighbors of Karnish, amongst others. And there was also Norvsond, who had remained undefeated.

And so it was that the men and women of Karnish did gather their goods and board ships and make trade with the other nations of Arrasia and ships from Karnish appeared in the ports of the towns and cities of nations far from home. And trade sprang up between the peoples of the world and some people made great wealth, while others were lost to the seas. Yet others undertook great travels to explore the world, though most were content to remain at home and ply their trade.

And so Karnish was known throughout Arrasia and they were feared, for they were a mighty nation, but they were also just and good and sought only to protect their freedom from those that would have it otherwise. And sometimes they fought amongst themselves and bad Kings came to rule who made war with their neighbors and took their lands, but always were the people free and the tyranny that had been lifted became a thing of the past and the fear of those days passed into memory.

And thus did Karnish become the new empire, for their borders consumed many of their neighbors, who would threaten their freedom or were too weak to protect themselves from the evil that still lurked in the world. And Amman now was split into many parts and Karnish ruled them all, save one, Amman-Mon, which was all that now remained of the evil empire. And with the end of one era came the birth of one new and it was known to all as the Age of Karnish.

And in Damarkan did Fandor rule supreme and to Mynax and Omuz was born a daughter, Sha Dorrain, and later did Omuz bring forth Azerond and Narag Narg, who were brothers, and the sons of Crayver. And Urgomond, who was a powerful servant of Crayver, was worshipped by the Urgolians, who thought of him as they might the Aslah themselves and to them he was great, for he was all things in their eyes. So it was that Crayver released him from his service, for he had grown mighty powerful indeed, and he too joined the Aslah and with him went Ordal, who was his servant, and the Urgolians looked to them for guidance and prayed to them and much that old was now gone and much that was new replaced it and the Age of Karnish was good.

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