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Posted April 3 2016

After something of a hiatus - *cough* three years *cough* - I've turned my attention back to The Kyngdoms. I know, I know, absolutely no one is reading this. Well, I doubt it, anyway. I think there may be some people that still use the setting, but then again, maybe not. Anyway, it doesn't matter. I almost pulled it, but decided instead to make a few changes.

The first and most obvious change is that I've moved it to a new domain. The domain will continue to point towards its new home, so it shouldn't really make too much difference to all those people who do find their way here, but from my point of view it is part of taking a couple of sites I own and bringing them all under a single domain - which is to say, my domain. As well as it making it easier to maintain a number of different sites, it should also be cheaper.

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