The Races of Arrasia

A gnome, halfling, dwarf, elf, and human Arrasia is filled with all manner of creatures, living in all manner of environments - from the highest peaks, to the deepest depths. As well as there being many animals - that is, creatures with little or no intelligence and whose sole interest is survival and propagation - there are also many races with complex and evolving cultures who vie with one another for dominance and survival. Indeed, many cultures evolve within the same racial groups, who also vie amongst themselves.

Although creations of the Aslah, they have no control over their free willed children, though wield considerable influence. It goes without saying that the races are, in one way or another, reflections of those that created them and that the spirit of their creator manifests itself in their nature and way of life. The only exception to this - as they are exceptions to so many truisms - are the humans, who were created by Voln as a gift to Kavak, but were set to betray him until Shylar learnt the secret of the evil in their hearts and placed there also goodness, to oppose and fight the evil. So it is the lot of mankind that the struggle between good and evil is fought within their hearts, as well as their homelands.

Below are outlined the major races that dwell on Arrasia, though by no means all of them. Lizardfolk, giants, ogres, and centaurs, to name but a few, are not expanded upon here, but all play significant roles within the demographic makeup of Arrasia.

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