Keradinn are a tough and callous ancient breed who primarily live in the Kera Desert, though can be found in any desert, which is their natural habitat. Keradinn have rough, tough skins, hardened from the harsh environment in which they live, and they usually cover themselves in loose fitting, plain wraps, which become ingrained with the dirt of the desert, and veils that protect their mouths and their broad, flat nostrils. With ragged, yellow teeth, pockmarked faces and large warts, the keradinn are not an attractive race. Their eyes are flat and emotionless and usually black and their hair is tough and wiry. Keradinn stand around 5-1/2 feet tall and average 125 t0 150 pounds.

Female Keradinn Keradinn have an ingrained hate of elves, with who they have warred throughout their history, and will usually attack them on sight, unless it is unwise to do so. They have very little respect for anything, including other keradinn tribes, though are often found selling slaves and the goods they have looted during their journeys or that which they have scavenged on their long migrations.

Keradinn will rarely fight alone, preferring to attack in numbers and to pick a spot and time that will give them an edge. Usually, approaching with the sun behind them in a sandstorm whipped up as they charge forward, they are able to swiftly approach their enemy, carefully hidden within the swirling sand, before making a dramatic surprise attack on unsuspecting opponents who are readying themselves against the storm.

They first appeared in Arrasia during the height of Layagat, the greatest kingdom of its age, where the elves had formed a culturally rich and enlightened society in a harsh and violent world. Sent by Olmus in revenge for the betrayal of her lover, Pittok, who had found a new love with Shylar, creator of the elves, they appeared out of the desert sands unlooked for and swept through that great kingdom, sweeping all before them. Not even the arrival of Uther and the men of the south could assuage them and the destruction of Layagat was total.

With their job upon Arrasia complete, the keradinn soon melted away into the vast expanses of the desert, which they traversed in small bands, attacking anything - including other keradinn, but especially elves - that they encountered and plundering the goods they could find. Their victims were either killed and left to rot in the sands or taken as prisoners, to be sold into slavery.

Keradinn Homelands
Keradinn are nomads who wander the deserts following ancient routes set by their forefathers, usually travelling from one waterhole to the next and never settling anywhere for long. The keradinn have no desire to make settlements, preferring instead to destroy those that they encounter, and conflict between them and the desert gnomes is common, especially around the oases that desert gnomes often make their own.

The keradinn are primarily found in the Kera Desert, where they first appeared to attack the elves of Layagat, but they can be found in most deserts around Arrasia, albeit few in number.

Keradinn Politics and Society
Keradinn are nomadic tribal creatures who traverse the Kera desert, moving from one oasis to another and following the nomadic trails of their forefathers. The chief of each tribe is the most charismatic and leads either through intimidation or devotion. Each tribe has a witch doctor - always a female - who plays an essential role and whose influence extends to everyone within the tribe, including the chief. The witch doctor brings healing and is is especially skilled in the art of discovering sources of food and water. A tribe often has a number of slaves, usually to be sold at the earliest opportunity.

Keradinn in a Sandstorm The nomadic lifestyle of the keradinn sees them traveling in caravans, with camels carrying their tents, equipment and supplies. It is rare to see a keradinn actually ride a camel, though they are expert animal handlers. Keradinn caravans travel by night or day and will break for rest at set locations, where the caravan will unpack and construct their lavish tents, which are normally packed away as the caravan continues its nomadic ways. Periodically, these camps will remain for several days, even weeks, before moving on, as the tribe replenishes supplies.

Keradinn are vicious and callous and will attack anything in the desert that might bring them some loot with which to trade at one of the oases, which teem with life. The weaker humanoids are likely to be captured and sold as slaves, while those more capable of defending themselves are more likely to be hunted down and killed and their goods taken. There is little love between different tribes and conflict between them is common, should they happen to meet.

Rarely, a charismatic leader is capable of unifying tribes and leading large numbers against the desert elves and gnomes and sometimes into Karnish itself. Though these are usually short-lived affairs, with tribal tension, bickering and strife constant features, they are usually times of high tension for those that are on the receiving end of their ferocious attacks.

With the passing of Olmus into Paradorn, the keradinn now primarily follow two deities, Arak Kal and Yerraz, both in equal measure, though a tribe will be dedicated to only one or the other.

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