History of the Aslah, the cosmos, and Arrasia

The history of the Aslah and of Arrasia is long and rich. The protagonists of these tales have helped lay the foundations of all that is known in the cosmos, for good or ill, and continue to do so. For many, their time has ended in untimely fashion and their names have become a part of folklore and superstition, while others continue to thrive and be a part of history as it, and they, evolve. Where the future lies is not known - not even by the Aslah themselves!.

Herein is laid out the significant episodes that helped shape the world and the cosmos as a whole. These tales are placed here to improve your enjoyment and further your understanding of The Kyngdoms and is in many ways the heart and soul of this entire fantasty setting! Each tale is ordered chronologically, as best as it is able.

The Kyngdoms

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