Chapter 36: The Great Revolt and the Uprising of Syrámä

So while Hakkan did fall into his wounded slumber and Aruk crashed upon Arrasia, so the lands were shook and the people felt the great power of Aruk and in them was awoken the spirit of their ancestors and across the Amman empire did they rise up against their oppressors and fight with them and look to defeat them and the bellies of men were once more filled with fire and would be slaves no more and they came from their homes and where they were hidden and killed those that would torment and enslave them.

But Amman would not give up that which it had fought long for and their response was full of violence and battles were fought across their empire and for 40 days and 40 nights was the blood of thousands spilt in the Great Revolt of Amman and fields that swelled under the heat of the sun were burnt and mines were broken and workmen of all kind threw down their tools and would not pay their tribute and many were killed for their resistance and their families imprisoned and bodies of men were hung from posts which lined all the roads of Amman.

And in Syrámä was the revolt greatest of all, for they had not forgotten who they were and remembered well their victories over Amman. And all across Syrámä did farmer and peasant and slave stop their work and arm themselves with simple tools as weapons and strike at their oppressors, who were murdered and their bodies mutilated. And so a great army of slaves and peasants grew and was led by Ricaro, who was but a farmer, and he led them against the armies of Amman and was victorious and still more came to him. And when the Great Revolt was ended and the people defeated and enslaved once again, Ricaro would not give up and he took his army west.

So they marched through Syrámä and defeated the armies of Amman and when they came to Athlem, it was sacked, as was Ebben and Naissi, and they marched into Amman itself and burnt Hagorra. And those that saw them ran from them and those that fought them were defeated by them. And when they came to the Syramassa River they crossed it and stood before Aym-J'zeer, the greatest city of all Amman and the seat of its greatest authority, the emperor himself.

But there had the emperor called to him his greatest generals whose men were proven and were veterans and they stood between Ricaro and the great prize of Aym-J'zeer and though he were greatly outnumbered, he did fight and die if he must. So the Great Battle of Aym-J'zeer was fought and the men of Ricaro fought well and it were as if they were twice their number. But they were defeated and Ricaro captured and he was hung for all to see and his body humiliated and displayed and those that followed him were murdered and their bodies hung along the streets of Aym-J'zeer or were enslaved and suffered greatly.

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