Chapter 38: The Amman-Elf Wars and the First Eppen War

It was said that in the Falagrim Peninsula were great riches, for there was to be found in those lands gold and precious stone and the emperor's eye fell there and he desired it. So it was that some small forces went that way, but were lost in Fayn Eduth to the elves there, who would allow them not to pass that way. And in the north, conflict with the elves of Hir'vassäl Eduth had long been sporadic and violent and never would the elves bow their heads to Amman and never would they allow them to be their masters or the masters of their lands and so it was that there was war between them.

But the elves would not be beat easily, for they fought not as men and dwarves, but from the amongst trees and in small numbers and would attack and retreat and were then lost in the forests where they lived and could not be found. Yet the armies of Amman were large and they sometimes found where the elves were hid and killed them and also sometimes found where they lived and would destroy them. And in Fayn Eduth was it a bloody affair, for the forces of Amman sought passage to Eppen and to the Falagrim Peninsula beyond, for there were tales of great wealth there. But the elves killed them when they saw them and some great battles were fought, but always under the trees where the elven archers were well hid and would make their enemy pay a heavy price.

But a path to Eppen was cleared, though it was a dangerous one, and the armies of Amman came to conquer, but instead were halted by the Urdmoon Mountains, which they tried to cross, but were beaten back by the dwarves that lived there in Kri-Aruk and who knew the paths of the mountains well. And the Amman army at the base of the Urdmoon Mountains did swell in numbers, for Eppen lay beyond and it was the gateway to the wealth of the peninsula. And many times did this army make to cross the mountains, but were thwarted on each occasion and could make no ground.

So sickness and death came to them and the elves attacked from the trees and killed many and also came the armies of men, who had hid in the lands beyond Fayn Eduth for many years and so the Amman army was attacked from all sides and their number dwindled, so reinforcements came and they made a great war on all the peoples of the region and there was a great alliance of the men of Eppen and the dwarves of Kri-Aruk and there was fought the Battle of Urdmoon Mountains and Amman were defeated. So it was that a siege was set against Kri-Aruk, in the hope that they would fall and Eppen be taken, and so the lands were covered in the blood of those who died, yet not one soldier of Amman did pass the Urdmoon Mountains into Eppen and it remained a nation of free people, though the price was a high one.

But in Hir'vassäl Eduth were the elves slowly defeated and forced back into the forest and two great battles were fought which saw their beloved communes destroyed and many of their kin fell upon the soil and stained it with their blood. And they retreated yet further, deeper into the forest, and hid there and fought only in small bands, for they knew the forest well and would hunt their prey and pick them off, but would not come out to open war, for Amman was too powerful and already their number had dwindled. But ever did they fight on, for they were proud people and would not be enslaved.

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