Chapter 50: The Decline of Karnish and the Hith-Zykerathox War

Zombie of the Undeath of Zykerathox

So was there a new Lord of Herophet and his name was Zykerathox and he now looked to Arrasia and wanted to be Lord of that also, so gathered an infernal army and came to Arrasia and made war with Karnish, who were not ready for it, weakened by their struggles already. And in Amman-mon was there much rejoicing and Zykerathox heard them and remembered their alliance with Hakkan and smiled, for he would now be their master, and so it were. And Amman-mon threw aside their lethargy and fear and were again Amman, as of old, but now with a new master, and they did go to war against Karnish in Amman-dur and those lands that were once theirs.

And the armies of Zykerathox fell upon the peoples of Karnish and their lands were taken and their people killed or enslaved and Karnish saw it's empire shrank and the enemy grow strong and bold and they had not the strength left in them to fight and thought it were all over. But to the field came a foe of old, who now by way of a common enemy were like a friend, though he were not and never could be, for Hith had shaken off his malady and seen his failure and was enraged by it and so mustered his forces, which were large and for long had sat on the fields of Hithanon, waiting for his call. And so it was that the army of Hith came to war over the Aeronauth Ineth Edowyn and took those of Zykerathox by surprise and they were routed and made to run, until Zykerathox called to Justice and he did to Arrasia go and fill the armies of Zykerathox with brimstone and fire and they ran no more, but came together and met the orcs of Hith at war.

Karnish saw the respite and called together all their armies, from fields afar, even though their borders were now weak, for their need were great, and they came to Badathur and fought with the armies of Zykerathox, who yet fought with Hith also, and they found victory where before there had only been defeat. And so it was that Zykerathox unleashed a new evil on lands and a plague did take the people with its malady and they fell ill and died. Yet the plague were not content and those that lived no more did rise from the ground, as undead, without mind or soul of their own, and infested the lands and killed all those they did see, for they cared not for friend or foe. So the army of Karnish fell back, giving up what it had gained, for many were killed in battle, but many too from plague, and they would return to fight their old friends. And thus was it that Karnish drew the line that was where their empire ended, which were at Badathur, and gave up what they had lost and called them the Fallen Lands, though they would retreat no more. And so it was and Zykerathox could shift them not, for he were still at war with Hith.

So Amman took back some of the lands it had lost and Syrámä knew to war they must go, or else see the old enemy rise, and that indeed would be ill fortune for them all. And the elves of Hir'vassäl Eduth also knew they must fight, and so they did. Thus was it that Amman were now at war with enemies of old and though they were not great yet, their armies were filled with the evil minions of Herophet and they scented greatness renewed and the peace was gone and replaced with war.

And the armies of Zykerathox and Hith met here and there and everywhere all over the Fallen Lands and victory would follow defeat that followed victory that followed defeat and so it was with neither able to command the lands. So Zykerathox mustered his forces and knew the war with Karnish must wait, and that Hith must be defeated if victory would be his. And he brought all his strength and skill to bear upon the battlefields and pushed back the forces of Hith in many places and commanded much of the land again, but could defeat him not, for as the orcs of Hith fell, so more would come across the mountains and it seemed he had an endless supply of them and the war between them ended not.

And thus was it, with all the world and heavens at war and to the Throne of Herophet a new master was sat. And the Age of Karnish were over, as were the peace, and in its place were mayhem and murder and war most foul and Zykerathox was pleased with it and with the terrible work he had begun. But yet was there still more to do, for this were just a start, and so he set about it and all did suffer it.

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