Chapter 7: The Second Sundering of Damarkan

As the spirit of the Aslah left Desdemar, so Damarkan was rent and a deafening crack roared across the lands as the silver palace Golgoria, now haunted with the memories of her beauty, splintered from Damarkan. And as the Aslah wept for their brother and sister, so Mulhata was sundered from Damarkan by them, as Herophet and Talokas had been before and there Olmus was condemned to the sentence of expulsion.

Thim and Olgden, in their grief, called upon the Aslah to break Wynord free of Damarkan, where they alone would be masters, and it was done and the Light of Vaalea went with them, leaving only the shimmering trees of Shylar's gardens as a reminder to its brilliance.

All the lands were bridged by the silver waters of the River Mothex, which irrevocably tied the lands together forever and Themex, the master of all the waters of Damarkan, placed watchtowers along its banks which he filled with his own servants to watch over those who journeyed the great river and called upon Oida, his most powerful servant, to service the river with his boat, ferrying those who wished to travel along it.

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