Chapter 9: Grism, Sarax and the First Battle if Lima


Much of Kavak's time was spent in the halls of Lima on Kiwani. Lima was now a splendid citadel, hewn out of the rock and populated with his beloved Dowatu, the dwarves. Gold and silver in abundance were found in the depths of Lima, which were fashioned by the greatest of the dwarven smithies into magnificent objects that filled the halls and chambers. And Kavak loved Lima as he loved his dwarves, yet told none of the Aslah of Lima or Kiwani and returned often to Damarkan, leaving Grism, the greatest and most renown of all the dwarven smithies, to mind the affairs of Lima.

So it was that during a time of Kavak's absence, that Sarax did emerge from the mountains of Kiwani. For long had she suffered the pain of her defeat by Onnus and had traveled through space and time in her torment, her deep wounds healing slowly and her strength forever depleted. And for long did she hide in the depths of Kiwani, watching the dwarves and their comings and goings and there made for herself an army in her own image, into which she imparted the beauty of her own voice to haunt those that should hear it and when Kavak had returned to Damarkan, so she let loose her army of harpies and they fell upon Lima and the unsuspecting Dowatu.

But the dwarves were tough, for long had they mined in the depths and darkness of Lima and with their picks and hammers and shovels they fought back against the foul beasts that had surprised them. Yet even the strength of the dwarf was undone by the beauty of the song of the harpy and many threw themselves down the great chasms to smash against the rocks below, so drawn were they to the golden voices that filled their ears and consumed their will.

Thus the harpies of Sarax pushed the dwarves deep into Lima, until it seemed that their plight was done and that the Dowatu would be no more and Sarax crawled out of the hole where she had for so long hid and took residence in the splendor of Lima, now its Queen, as the battle raged below her. But Grism was not yet defeated and it was in the depths of Lima that he mixed tin with copper and bronze was born, which was hard but could be easily fashioned. So the smithies went to work, and made for themselves shields and armor and swords and tipped the ends of their spears with hard points. And when they were readied, they faced the harpies, who were shocked by their glittering array, and a great battle took place that saw the harpies driven back and some of Lima was returned to the Dowatu.

Upon Kavak's return to Kiwani, he was made aware of Sarax and her harpies, for they filled the halls and caverns of Lima and his rage was great and he unleashed it upon Sarax and her minions. A great battle took place in the great hall of Lima and Sarax, still weakened from her struggles with Onnus, was soon hard put to match the rage and anger of Kavak and she called her harpies to her side, which were set upon him. And now was Kavak hard put to resist both Sarax and her foul army and he began to waver under their numbers. But Grism emerged with his bronze clad brethren and the Dowatu drove against their enemy. The battle was fierce and many on all sides were thrown down and their lives ended, until the harpies were defeated and fled and those that remained scattered and hid. And as Kavak and Sarax did tear at one another, so Grism drove his spear into the black heart of Sarax and she was no more, but Kavak had suffered badly and was also near his end.

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