The Savage Coast

Savage Coast


The Savage Coast has become home to a large number of small settlements that have established themselves on the harsh northern coastlines. As well as the freezing temperatures, disease and starvation that is common to these communities, the indigenous inhabitants are hostile and humanoid activity high.

The settlements have no particular ties with one another, though local communities will often aid another if they are able, and the political structure of each community is entirely dependant upon the makeup of its inhabitants. Politics tends towards that which helps them survive, so law and order are essential ingredients. None of the settlements are particularly large, but are numerous and spread across the coastal regions.

The settlements are heavily reliant upon the trade with the northern nations of Arrasia, who supply them with essential products that are in short supply, especially grains and other foodstuffs, plus raw materials required to augment their own fledgling industries. Without any real wealth, ivory, pelts and furs are often traded in return. Life within the settlements is harsh and all too often brief, with arctic goblins making regular attacks, especially during the winter months. Frost giants are also a problem and are greatly feared.

Significant Trade Export

Ivory: Walrus ivory is used to trade for necessary goods to survive. Often the ivory is exquisitely carved and sells throughout Arrasia for a high price.

Pelts and Furs: The harsh climate means that the furs and pelts originating from this region are highly desirable. Being readily available, these represent the settlements' lifeblood, which they use to trade for important and life saving supplies.

Brief History

The first people to attempt to colonize The Savage Coast were the Norvs who had been uprooted from Norvsond under the harsh regime of King Ould the Unforgiving. Very few of these early settlements lasted long, falling to starvation, disease and the frenzied attacks of the local denizens.

Despite these early failures, the people of the north have continued their attempts at colonization, though still with limited success. The people who live here now are hardy and exist in a tough environment, often isolated from the rest of Arrasia, on whom the colonists rely so heavily.

The hard life has allowed little in the way of political evolution, with the settlements self-reliant and only limited mutual assistance between geographically local settlements in times of need. The future for these hardy folk is uncertain, but so it always has been. However, the rumors of great wealth and the lure for land is enough to keep the colonists coming.

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